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October 12, 2014  bptxt grinched title joomla4

It's Here in glorious B&W!  'Welcome to My Back Pew'  A 115 page collection of BP cartoons is HERE


draw ifyoumustTrudging for Jesus

What a high calling.  There is the Apostle Paul the first great missionary, Billy Graham the great evanglst of the Christian church, and Jeff.. the Trudger.

We may all aspire to accomplish GREAT THINGS for God, but most likely we will be simply faithful minions. I must admit I have personal aspirations that my Back Pew toons and writings be bigger than what they are.  It is uniquely who I am but I am most certainly called to be faithful with my gifts and not worry if I am the Charles Schultz of Christian cartoons.

larsonkidSo Trudging for Jesus is what I will do.  It is not really trudging except for the challenge of creating toon on days when I have CRAYOLA BLOCK (writers block for cartoonists). I enjoy what I do in fact I can't stop doing it.  High calling?  I don't know about that, but it is what I do.  It is what I have done since I was 5 years old.  

May God find each of us faithful to HIM with the gifts and abilities we each have.  Your skills may be as a carptenter, doctor, nurse, or engineer.  You may love sports, love kids, or have a heart for people in need.  You may be an upfront speaker, musician, or a behind the scenes giver of your time and/or money.  Maybe you are elderly and believe all you can do is pray.. well prayer is the powerful conduit to almighty God.  Prayer is what we all need.

nerdsThe church is one body, many parts.. let's all be faithful in God's call on our lives.  Even if somedays we trudge.




Jeff (Trudger) Larson







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