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October 10, 2014  bptxt grinched title joomla4

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lifesfinishlineSomeday.. HEAVEN

I attended a funeral yesterday with my wife.  The father of our good friend Bob passed away and we were blessed to attend this celebration of this good man.

I did not know this man, but the stories shared and the love and admiration in this church was obvious to all in attendance. Bob did a wonderful job speaking on behalf of the family regarding his dad. He was a quiet man of good character who was a loving husband, father, and friend.  He was intelligent and a seeker of knowledge and with a strong faith in God as his compass.

So many times people have regrets at funerals.  Death often comes to those who are estranged from their families, or are shadowed by sad memories of alcohol abuse, or family fights and/or tensions that all but destroy family intimacy.

This was not the case of Bob and his dad.  Bob shared of his admiration for his dad and the man he was.  You cannot take away these memories, and you cannot take away the positive impact his dad was on his family and those he was in contact with.

weakestlinkWe are all called to be faithful in this life to God, family, and friends... Then Someday.. Heaven is the reward of those God calls his children. This eternal reward is not the result of anyone's relative goodness, but rather the perfect goodness of our loving Heavenly Father.

May God find in each of us that we love Him with all our hearts soul and mind and others as ourselves.  Enjoy this life with the family and friends we are blessed with and leave the rest as less important details.. then someday Heaven.

eulogy gravediggerBlessings

Jeff (Back Pew) Larson






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