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Veterans Day is the day to remember those who serve and have served in the military. I believe this is primarily an American holiday, but here in the Back Pew.. we also remember a Bible full of warriors. Some good guys, some bad, but they were soldiers

In American History we have the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, The World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf Wars to name a few. There were significant days in history like D-Day, The Battle of Owijima, and Pearl Harbor that are remembered where our Veterans served bravely. To all veterans we do thank you for your faithful service. My dad was a veteran in the Navy during World War II and these years of service were some of the most significant years impressed on his life.

Now the soldiers and battles recorded in the Bible looked much different than modern warfare with smart bombs, and the like.. but these were none the less soldiers serving their countries.

So for all they do.. these toons for you.

From the Genesis Tarpits to those lost in the crossing of the Red Sea.

There was the battle of the 24 hour sun, men with sharp sticks, and captains with potty mouths

There was espionage tactics, and battle tactics that were primitive EXCEPT they were blessed by Go making them INVINCIBLE

Let's remember a few of those who died in battle


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