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The Thanksgiving Day Miracle..

turkey leftbehind
As we prepare for Thanksgiving I recognize there are many roles (and rolls).

My wife .. plans the menu, buys the turkey and all that goes with it. She will bake the pies, the rolls, stuff the turkey, cook the bird and all the trimmings that go with making for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner. 
My role .. watch football, and add a new notch in my belt as to accomodate my planned dinner intake.

My wife is very good at her role and I love her for it... and .. I hope she feels the same about my participation. We are a regular walking talking Norman Rockwell painting.

Ok, I hope I am not really that big of a 'turkey' on Thanksgiving. All kidding aside I do participate in the process and preparations.. and Mary let's me carve the bird. But I only have a supporting role, but the dinner is truly Mary's creation and it is always great.

turkeychiropractorBirds & Psycho together..
There is not a meal in the calendar year that compares with the dinner spread we share on Thanksgiving. We traditioinally partake in in stuffing ourselves with turkey, stuffing, potatoes & gravy, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, pumpkin pie, and more putting ourselves in a near triptophan coma. It is a family eating frenzy like no other day. The whole event becomes a bit surreal like a Alfred Hitchock Birds/Psycho movie where we are all STUFFED and the BIRD of the day is carved with a BIG KNIFE by a brother in law named NORMAN. Coincidence?  Maybe, maybe I am hallucinating on triptophan. but.. I  DIGRESS..

flee from fridgeSimply Amazing.. or a True Miracle?
Though the amount of food I consume on Thanksgiving is amazing it cannot be not classified as a miracle, BUT then,, after the meal, after watching football in my easy chair and fitting in my traditional Thanksgiving day nap, I return to the kitchen to find LEFTOVERS!  So many leftovers that I truly believe we could feed the multitude Jesus fed in the gospels with just a few loaves and fish.

How is it possible for one family to eat that much at one meal, and then fill the fridge with leftovers that last for weeks supplying us with spur of the moment turkey sandwiches, and countless Thanksgiving reprise meals.

This is the MIRACLE I speak of.

Well.. maybe not a miracle but it is a really really good illusion leaving my mind and stomach full through the middle of December.

turkeyrun newWhile I do admit Thanksgiving Leftovers are not a 'true' miracle I do believe God is still in the business of very real miracles. Some big, others small but I believe God answers our prayers with the heart of a loving Father. This is the true miracle that I do believe in. Answered prayer is God's loving intervention for his children alterting the outcome of their circumstances. This supernatural intervention is personal and never arbitrary. 

May God bless and use each of you in ways that are beyond your dreams. I pray your Thanksgiving Day is blessed with faith, family, friends, and the subtle miracle of LEFTOVERS. Laughing

Jeff (stuffed in the Back Pew) Larson

turkeyrun newHi,ho, hi ho.. now off to the Barnyard we go..

thanks4whatFrom the Thanksgiving Miracle let's segue back to the early days of Thanksgiving on a
barnyard venue where turkeys run scared from ax wielding farmers bent on their demise.


Turkeys have long been recognized as a people poultry group whose human er aaa.. BIRD rights and dignity are obviously compromised each Thanksgiving.

In response to this annual oppression a few great birds and movements have risen up to fight the class system found on the farm. These birds of high ideals dreamed of someday NOT being stuffed with bread crumbs.

Great Birds and Movements Remembered..

  • turkey atkinsIn 1982, William Warbler (aka Bravebird) led a revolt against Farmer Brown's oppressive regime. In the end he lost his head (literally) and was stuffed with all the others considered malcontents.
  • In 1993, Mahatma Gobbler fought the class system through peaceful protest. His hunger strike was the talk of the barnyard, but ultimately his hunger strike was ignored by a hungry farm family.
  • In 1997, A Purpose Driven Poultry was a devotional book written as a 40 day spiritual journey presenting purpose of life for North American Poultry. Unfortunately readers learned from reading.. their purpose was ironically to become.. DINNER.
  • In 2001, A Low Carb Diet was a fad followed by a number in the Turkey community. Their hope was stay lean as no one wants a skinny turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

turkeybravebird  gahndigobbler turkey repent 

Over the years, there were many other attempts with little success to defy the inevitable dinner destiny of all turkeys.

  • Some turkeys tried to use their Sick Days with the 'bird flu' during the month of November in hopes of avoiding the whole Thanksgiving dinner invitation all together.
  • Some turkeys were simply defiant.. hollering out foolishly to the farmer class.. "You want a piece of me?" These words were greeted by hungry famers to simply choose if they would like white meat, dark meat, or a leg.
  • Other turkeys ignored the warnings of smoking. Smoking.. shorten their lives?  They should be so lucky.

turkey defiance turkey smokingturkey birdflu 

The desire for a personal faih, and the reading the God's word has strangely provided comfort to some turkeys. <pause> hmm. ironically this statement holds true for both poultry and some church folk considered to be 'turkeys'.

  • Some turkeys dream they will mount up with Wings like Eagles.
  • Others find comfort in what has become known as the Turkey Psalm.
  • Other turkeys have placed their hope in waiting for the Rapture.

turkeydreams turkey psalm turkey rapture 

Poultry Pop Culture..
Finally, within the Turkey population there is developing a certain Pop Culture where reality television is all the rage.  Shows like .. 



A Healthy Mind, Body, and Gizzard.. 
As you can see, being a Turkey is not an easy life choice.  This is true for both turkeys on the farm, and those turkeys in Washington.

For those struggling with Defiance issues may join a 
Support Group , and for those all knotted up a chiropractic adjusment might be in order to relieve that kink in your neck.

So there you have it.. first the Thanksgiving Miracle is explained, and then life on the farm and all thinks that go gobble, gobble are covered in detail. 

I am thankful for the blessings of family, friends, faith, and the above mentioned Thanksgiving Day Miracle.

dearcrabby thanksgivingI pray God will bless each of you in ways that are beyond your dreams, and never leaving you CRABBY on Thanksgiving.




ps.. here are a few straggling Pilgrim People toons.

My dad on Thanksgiving now in Heaven...

tn thanksgivinginheaven



This page is a collection of Thanksgiving cartoons with all the players present from the turkey to the pilgrim








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