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The Bible does speak to the issue of running as Paul writes... Run the Good Race.. but I take this scripture as an excellent spiritual metaphor, BUT I will never use it to inspire extreme behavior like running a marthon.

When I was a sophmore in High School I mistakedly selected as a runner for our varsity cross country team. In response to this challenge I finished..LAST in my very first race, and was quickly demoted to the Junior Varsity team where I better fit in. SEE SPIRITUAL LESSON ON THE LEFT.

My senior year
I returned to run cross country again to get in shape for basketball only to break my foot the day after the season was over and miss most of the basketball season. So far.. running is treating me badly!

Since then I have not returned to the sport of running except to chase a ball (baseball, basketball, or football). Just like my dog Baylie knows adding a ball to the equation gives running a purpose... plus when I am done I don't find myself a couple miles away from home without a car to get me home. To be very clear my dog Baylie does not factor in the car in her decision making, but does seem to realize the fenced in back yard shortens her walk back to her water dish and so.. chasing balls for her also makes sense.

Marthon Runners: Now on to those who do like to 'say' they like to run. My pastor has run many a marathon, my daughter in law Laura has ran a marathon, my cousin Ken has run several marathons, and I have a good friend Bryan Anderson who combines long distance races with winter weather by participating in many cross country ski races every year for the past 25-35 years. Hmm I thought running was a bad idea, but couple this with a Minnesota winter? Let's just say, for me.. IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN!

So there you have my running ramble (insert pun here) is not a call to be sedentary, but I believe in moderation in all things. If I am going to run, I will run to the kitchen, or the bathroom, , or to cross the road to get to the other side.. but not just.. run.

And to run NO WHERE on a treadmill? I don't think so.

May God find us all faithful to run the good race and complete the race with our best. REMEMBER, spiritualmetaphor.. no need to buy new running shoes.

Let me leave you with a few remaing TOONS on the RUN... and remember endorphin highs are overrated. Last time I had an endorphin high fromrunning I think I threw up those endorphins around mile two.

1. run in the right direction, 2. watch where you are going, 3. avoid shortcuts, and 4. run with a purpose... just to name a few.

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