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HELP WANTED.. Rocket Scientist who like cartoons

cartoon 4 foodAs most of you observe I enjoy the creative process of cartooning

  • online cartoon collection is 3,000+
  • daily email group members 7,500ish
  • Facebook following 3,100+ likes
  • 350 plus through Twitter

The feedback I receive encourages me that God is using me as He uniquely wired me. 

when it comes to the process of marketing.. this is ROCKET SCIENCE. I do not understand marketing (except to buy groceries) or .. what my options are.


I have no delusions of me being the Walt Disney, or Gary Larson (farside cartoonist) of Christian cartoons but I do believe interest in The Back Pew as a ministry is real. 

The Back Pew does not garnish ESPN fanfare numbers, but there is a real following of the Back Pew, and I believe with the right guidance (aka Rocket Scientist) I would be more effective and efficient in my creative efforts..

This brings me to the purpose of this message. I am posting this and am prayerfully looking for someone in marketing (aka rocket scientists) smile to provide direction in promoting the Back Pew.

I am a little Winnie the Pooh like (a bear of little 'marketing brain embarassed) .. BUT.. believe this could be an opportunity to team with someone with a vision for marketing a better Back Pew. Just like any business or ministry is made of different individuals with different skill sets, this is what the Back Pew needs.  

I could see the Back Pew in print, through the Bible projects, calendars, and other merchandise ideas but for this to happen I need someone who is not 'MARKETING IMPAIRED'..

This is not my silly plot to get rich quick (RICH IS NOT ON THE RADAR) but it is obvious that finding the right person to partner and/or counsel my efforts would make a big difference.

If you are interested or know someone I should talk to, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your thoughts on the next stage. Thank you for hearing my cry for HEEEELLLLPP!


Jeff (a bear of very little marketing skills) Larson


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