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Ever since the Garden it seems we have found ourselves handling and being handled by snakes. Way before any redneck snake handler church had a snake bitten hand swollen full of venom there was a Bible full of snake handlers, and snake bites. Let me share a few...

- In the beginning.. Eve was handled by THE GARDEN SNAKE (aka Satan) who along with her husband Adam BLAMED, him to God for their current status of naked awareness resulting in God demonstrating that a snake is properly handled with..the HEEL... not a hand.
- In the book of Numbers there were those Snake Bit whiners, who were allowed to live ONLY IF they would look at a Bronze Snake on a stick ( sounds like state fair cuisine in Louisiana ).

NEW Testament ...

- John the Baptist was known to handle VIPERS and put them in their place with words alone.

In the book of Acts it should be noted Paul was Snake Bit by a campfire inspiring much to his chagrin a snake handler group.

Then today
we have the evolution of Snake Handlers churches with stories that make most reasonable folk cringe.

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