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title jonah

The Story of Jonah... paraphrased in the Back Pew

It all begins when...

1:1-3 God calls Jonah to go to Ninevah
and preach, but Jonah says NO to God , and yes to a boat ride to Joppa. 1:4 Not taking NO for an answer God has the ship caught in a storm.

1:7 Not being great men of science the Ship crew draws lots to find why ship is cursed. This was before Rocks Paper Scissors or eenee-meenee-minee-mo became the gold standards for selection technologies.

1:15 Just Jonah's luck he drew the short stray.. and was tossed overboard .. where God had 1:17 Jonah swallowed by BIG FISH!!

Herein 2:1-9 the belly of the fish Jonah has time to reflect on his rebellion and repent.

2:10 and so after Jonah learns his lesson he is spit up on shore to continue on to Ninevah where God called him to preach in the first place.

This was a great time of revival where God used Jonah in a mighty way..

Jonah sulks as he deemed Ninevah undeserving of God's grace, or a spot in his dayplanner. So while resting in the shade,

God sends a 4:7 Worm to eat away his shade tree leaving him to sulk in the hot sun.

The moral of the story.. unless you want to go through life smelling like fish barf (literally or figuratively).. don't say NO to God.



This page is a collections of bible cartoons on the story and book of Jonah
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