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JOSHUA- The book of Joshua is an amazing book with prostitutes, river crossings, big rocks, falling walls, stopping suns, mouse promises and more.

Please come join me as I wander from the Back Pew through the book of Joshua


2: Rahab the Prostitute
- Honey, today I was saved by a prostitute. This is never something you should share with your wives after a business trip. Even if it is true.

3: Crossing the Jordan  - as remembered by a couple river trout
4: 12 Rocks - this pile of rocks by the Jordan was remembered as a nice grouping. Twelve I guess is better than eleven.
5: Get all the 'men' togetherIt is a tough day on the new front for the fellas


sunstoppedThe Walls of Jericho.. GO BOOM!
6:6-7 The Jericho Plan - For those with any military savvy, Joshua's plan was a tad unconventional.
6: The Fall of Jericho - and the attack of the Jewish Marching Band took everyone by suprise.

I'm off to PICK-A-FIGHT!

7:19-26 Achon will be achin' - ok, more than aching for his disobedience
8: The kingdom of Ai.. smokin! - I think someone left the oven on
8:29 King of Ai says ouch!! - after finding himself under a pile of rocks
10:11 Hailstones and soldiers - hail on the noggin killed more than a sword in the belly
10:12-14 The Sun Stopped - the battle at high noon carried on for 24 hours WITH NO SUNBLOCK!
10:16-19 5 Kings in a cave - like 2 1/2 men could have been a sitcom in it's day.

and finally one of the great messages from the book of Joshua is a timeless declaraton for all of God's people

me andmy mouse


24:15 As for me and my House - of course in the Back Pew we paraphrase for your MOUSE










This page is a collection of bible cartoons featuring the stories from the  old testament book of Joshua




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