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dearcrabby newyears

Out with the Old, in with the New..

The end of each year is flurry of feats and treats. Our holiday grazing steps it up a notch beginning with Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas parties, family feasts and more cookies and fudge and nuts and egg nog and everything else you can imagine.  One Last Hurrah..
This holiday bing diet comes to a climax on New Years Eve where many will have one last party. This one last indulgence leads to the annual epiphany that our favorite jeans have 'shrunk'.. again. At least that is the story I am sticking with.

Happy New Year?
So the Happy New Year begins in my above mentioned 'shrunken' jeans while snacking on tums. A bit bloated and while I always enjoy the holiday feasts I know it is time for a change.. maybe even make a resolution.

I Resolve to be Resolute this year
January 1st is our time of fresh starts aka resolutions. I personally believe these resolutions are noble endeavors but often end up compromised or broken. 

What if.. resolutions are like the old saying.. If a tree falls in the forest, but no one is there to hear it.. did it make a sound? Well, if a resolution is made but not spoken.. then broken .. is it really broken?

But.. I digress.  It's time to ready myself for a better new year with..

A Healthy Body..
I believe it is safe to say.. diet and exercise are two of the most common New Years Resolutions. Of course both of these resolutions fly in the face of my appreciation of food and relaxation.  

treadmill flee from fridge runthegoodrace

foodandgodFads &  Gadgets?
Every year there seems to be more fad diets and home fitness gadgets to clutter up the simple truth shared by my dad often.. do all things in moderation. There are many good diet exercise programs to choose from... but a good starting point for most all of us is to become active and eat right.marathon runner

Simply put
, I don't need to run a marathon, or reduce my diet to celery and mineral water. Just take a walk, or go on a bike ride. And here is a novel idea for the new year .. I should eat a single helping instead of the temptation of seconds, thirds, and so forth.krispykremebody

but my SNACKS..

Snacks are welcomed friends of mine. Nachos, chicken wings, a hot pretzel with mustard.. mmmm! Or maybe something sweet like a cookie, or a donut. BUT let's not make it a box of cookies or more than my share of a dozen donuts. Moderation again is the key.

face ina bottle
How about a DRINK?..

Then there is the issues with a drink. I cannot say no one should drink, but be aware and sober minded regarding the risks.  Too often a drink is followed by more drinks. Fuzzy or truly impaired thinking, good judgement is often lost in behavior and a filter for not saying STUPID things will vanish.  All these negatives come with the bonus of MANY unwanted calories, and sluggish to hungover existence. Again Moderation or abstinance is a must.
Ok, now I have addressed a Healthy body for the New Year so onward and forward to addressing my relationship with God. Of course any faith related resolutions are paramount to any other changes a person may need to make. 

biblereading questionsMe and God.. I have participated read through my Bible in a calendar year quest a number of times, but have only succeeded once. This last year I tried again, but fell behind by September and gave up. BUT, I recommend this venture as it adds perspective especially when reading through the stories of the Old Testament.

Where Bible Studies go to die.. I believe many a well intentioned Bible reading plan has ended once it reached the arduous details of Leviticus. BUT if you persevere through Leviticus you will find the history of God's love and faithfulness to mankind from Genesis through Revelation. 

Hello God?.. Then for balance in my spiritual walk like everyone else I need to pray to God the Father. The same God of our Bibles is our loving Heavenly Father too. He listens to our prayers, and He wants what is best for us.

youreyeFocus like a Laser Beam! So all these resolutions require an intentional discipline of my time which cause a conflict with my TV watching.  Both what I watch, and how much I watch could be a issue.  

darknessandlightIt goes without saying the same disciplines holds true for the internet regarding where I browse, and tweet and/or post on the social network.

Are you sleeping? The other discipline to addressed is the important overlooked fuel of sleep. Without enough sleep I become kind
just say amenof pouty.  

And.. sleeping in church I have been told.. OFTEN is frowned upon.

Too many to count..
Ok, there are many more valid resolutions made by men and women that could be shared, but I will stop with one last resolution by my dog Baylie. 

I only wish my list was that easy. Of course if I could add to her list I would ask her not to dig holes in the yard, have 'accidents' in our house, and quit jumping on visitors to our home.

May God bless each of you in each New Year blessed with hope, and promises in ways that are beyond your dreams!

Happy New Year Wishes

Jeff (Resolute in the Back Pew) Larson


Final New Years toons to share

1. The Wishful Thinking Diet 2. Those New Years Resolution Blues

wishfulthinking newyearsresolution





This article page is a collection of New Years and New Years Resolution cartoons and thoughts from a Christian perspective 


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