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mosquito bwatchful2MOSQUITOES.. The Minnesota State Bird?  Nah, the Loon is our chosen bird, BUT the skeeter bird is a popular joke here in the land of 10,000 lakes.  Joke, really? Well in 2013 the skeeters are plentiful and no one is laughing.  After a cool rainy spring that started late with a low number of sunny days this years SKEETER population is large and in charge.  

camp mosquito
Minnesota is the land 10,000 lakes
and along with all the supporting BOGS and other misc. wetlands our state is not only a great place for family fun swimming, boating, skiing, and fishing, BUT ALSO a great place to live IFFF.. you are a MOSQUITO.

After each long winter you will find Minnesotans finally shedding their winter clothes for attire exposing many VERY WHITE Norwegians to the warmth of the summer sun and a mosquito population in line for their much anticipated buffet.. There is simply too much exposed flesh and not enough skeeter repellant to deter these swarms from their appointed rounds. 

mosquito winterThe only true deterent to ravenouse skeeters is our infamously bitter cold Minnesota Winters. Our winters are a bit harsh except for the most hardy of skeeter folk.  The rest I assume migrate south for the winters with the geese, ducks, and 75% of the Minnesota Seniors. 

mosquito baptismBut back to summer-
by day these winged blood suckers thrive mostly in the shadows of underbrush, and near wetlands. THEN
when the sun goes down like little insect VAMPIRES they are everywhere outside.. so
You can head on inside, keep your doors shut.. BUT IF you open a door for a moment, or if your screens don't seal tight or have holes in them of any size THEN one, two or TWENTY little skeeter pals willl invite themselves in then move from shadow to shadow incognito.  Once inside any semblance of a quiet evening at home will be unnerved by the sighting of a skeeter, or if one buzzes by your ear with their high pitched hummm as they seek a spot of exposed flesh to DIVE BOMB towards in hopes of making you their own little personal BLOOD DONOR. 

mosquito truebloodYou will twitch, flinch, and spin in your chair clap your hands looking like you are a bit crazy as you appear to be looking into THIN AIR as you try and spot them again as they disappear in yet another shadow.

mosquito hummingYou may even kill one or two, but there always seems to be more or at least the fear of more is in your head as any little skin tickle you fear is another landing mosquito and so you swat yourself again where there was no skeeter.  ARGHH.

Finally.. you head off to bed, hoping these little devils did not follow you. You then crawl under the covers very concerned with leaving your skin exposed in fear of skeeter bites while you are dreaming. After a bit you dose off, your sleep is what it is.. could have been better, maybe a bite on your arm, but then you sense your foot itching and upon further inspection you see your left foot uncovered camp mosquitointhenightand looking like a skeeter pin cushion. Welted and itching you get up to begin yet another day, and a short time later you may spot a mosquito floating and dancing along a well in your home.  You swat him thinking you have finally won the battle UNTIL you see the amount of your blood donation from the previous evening as he splats blood on your wall.  At this point you beginning mumbling words that are only 4 LETTERS LONG, then finally blurt out ironically the words.. I can't wait for WINTER to return!

mosquito bwatchful1This sums up the Minnesota Experience.  During our infamously cold winters we are concerned any exposed flesh will suffer FROST BITE!  Just a few months later you are unwittingly risking the high probability the same exposed flesh will endure MOSQUITO BITES.

Final Note: Many of my moquito cartoons share the same fitting scripture reference

I Peter 5:8
Be Sober, be watchful for your adversary buzzes around you like a HUNGRY MOSQUITO looking to devour you. (Minnesota paraphrase)

mosquito deutThe original text refers to a HUNGRY LION, but I believe if Jesus lived today, and went camping with his disciples he would possibly refer instead to a HUNGRY MOSQUITO.  I am sure a hungry lion  would be scary, BUT I have only seen a lion at a zoo .. behind bars, BUT though mosquitoes are tiny, they certainly unnerve my everyday life.



This vast collection of mosquito cartoons are from the Back Pew


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