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birthpains Back in 1984 my wife and I were anxious parents-2-be expecting our first. We had already made a few typical false alarm trips to the hospital (aka Braxton Hicks practice contractions), but on February 13th, 1986 it was the real deal and life would NEVER be the same.

 gettingoutofbedREADY SET GO.. At 12:30 a.m. on February 13th 1986 my wife and I had just headed off to bed for a long winter’s nap. About midnight I arrived home from working the evening shift at my job and was off to bed with my fully 9 months pregnant wife Mary. Before I could even fade into sleep Mary exclaims “My water broke, or I just peed the bed.” So off to the races we headed for the birth of our child #1. 

but first.. We had to stop for gas as I had not planned on this midnight run to the hospital all while Mary’s contractions were kicking in to gear.
note to self: Keep gas tank full when babies are near due date.

roadgraceSo we arrive at the hospital ( I ran a few red lights just for added high drama) and the nurses get us settled into our room and notify our doctor. Mary is then hooked up all sorts of monitors including this cool baby monitors that measures the strength of her contractions. COOL.. something for me to watch since there was no TV in the room.

OVER THE NEXT HOURS.. The contractions come and go.. the doctor visits and early on is able to give Mary the drugs of choice to calm the pains. I remember after several of the contractions where Mary seemed to be hurting especially bad I said to her.. “That one was not really that bad it was only a 4 on the monitor.” Shortly later I found out the monitor strap had come loose and was not measuring accurately. 

note to self: keep stupid comments inside head.

BIRTH CLASS IN ACTION: Mary and I had attended the birthing classes, so I knew to hold her hand and to coach her breathing. Problem was Mary preferred to hold the nurses hands because they were cooler to the touch, and at one point during my breathing she said.. “Quit breathing in my face.” 
note to self: Quit breathing??

MORE DRUGS .. PLEASE: So the hours move along and it is early morning around 4:30 when Mary pleads with her doctor for more drugs.. but the doc says nope.. too late.. no more drugs for you. At least I was smart enough at this point to not repeat the doctor’s words. I just sat quietly supportive. 
note to self: Plead Mary’s case for drugs as a sign of being supportive, and ask for some for self as my back is killing me.

foodandgodTHING ARE GETTING INTENSE: Around 8 a.m. the pains are strong, but the process seems to have stalled a bit. So while Mary is in her ‘painful’ holding pattern, the morning breakfast cart rolls around. They peek in and ask sheepishly.. “Breakfast anyone?” There is a momentary silence.. then I finally say.. “Yes, I think I could eat something.”
note to self: Next time shout, can’t you see my wife is in labor, and then meet cart in hallway for a secret snack under the guise of chewing them out. 

So the process continues as I eat breakfast and between bites of food call to my wife with my mouth full.. “push”.. and “remember your breathing.”

babyFOR UNTO US A CHILD IS BORN: Finally around 10:00 a.m. a child is born and they shall call his name .. Curtis Walter Larson. He is healthy but a bit cone headed but a keeper. After the usual initial checks and I get to cut the cord from mothership Mary and we head back to our private room where the three of us mom, dad, and new baby Curt.. all lying in the same bed. And around 12:30pm early that snoringmanafternoon, baby Curt is asleep, I am asleep (and snoring) while Mary lies wide awake with the adrenaline rush of her life.
note to self: I don't know what Mary thinks BUT.. this giving birth thingy is exhausting!


So there you have it, BIRTH FROM ONE MAN’S PERSPECTIVE. Now it is many since this blessed day and we have a son Curtis Walter Larson who has given us both our share of joys and exasperations. 

note to self: God is good, Mary is wonderful, and Curtis is a son to be proud of. - Jeff

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