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While the rumor that Minnesota is a frozen snow covered land
for 10 months of the years is greatly exaggerated.. I do admit we have our lion's share of winter weather that is not for the faint of heart, and where the sharp winter air is more than simply Fresh.. it is BLESSED COLD!

So what better things to do while FROZEN in MinneSNOWTA than play in the snow , while there are those though they even tried the time honored tradition of making snow angels will never embrace winter. It has even been reported Minnesota is not the number one requested assignment for guardian angels.
.. cuz remember SNOW is a 4-letter word.. and be careful how you DRIVE in it.

winterangel sataninminnesota minnesotafresh

Our 'Minnesota Nice Faith' is evident everywhere from those who celebrate the great Psalm - this is the day the Lord has made SNOW and we rejoice.. but be sure to dress warm.

icefishinbaptismFor the truly hearty believers we have Extreme Baptists who find ways of combining their Frozen-Faith with an Ice Fishing.

At Christmas time we have our true UP NORTH Live Nativity.

In Minnesota, walking on water is a regular occurance.. not because of our great northern faith, but HELLO.. the water is frozen.

So admittedly many of the classic Bible stories if they occured in Minnesota would not have the same livenativity mnmiraculous ring to them if for example..

The GREAT FLOOD was in Minnesota,.. as it would have instead been called simply the great blizzard of Genesis.

snowshovel procrastinatorThe faith of Peter walking on water would have lost it's zing if it occurred on one of Minnesota's 10,000 frozen lakes... and what if John the Minnesota Baptist had to make way for the Lord? He would need a shovel for certain... unless he waited for spring.

frozenface2The Health Risks here in the MinneFROZETOES winter are the obvious ones of exposure resulting in frostbite, or even worse.. Snotcicles! 

And do watch out for the - Scandinavian Mafia else you be wacked by a snowshovel, and

mosquito winterthe hearty Winter Mosquito is alive and well.

Of course 'MINNESOTA NICE' is extended to all men and women. We believe all men are created equal.. even men made of SNOW. 

PETS (people for the ethical treatment of snowmen) was formed to look out for those snowpeople who are neglected, abused, and unattended after they are created with a little Minnesota Nice TLC for snowpeople.

snowmaninrainThough crime rates are low among snowpeople there are indications that the Winter Mafia exists in Minnesota when a Snowman Hitman wacked (er..a.. blow dried) a snowman who owed protection money for the coming spring.

snowmansneezeSo lest they lose their heads a snowman should live by the snowman proverb.. Amen and Amen! 

A warning must go out to snowmen with 'colds' careful when you SNEEZE! On the flip side of Minnesota NICE there have been reports of SNOWMEN infiltrating homes to perform thermostat pranks.

As spring approaches the words of Frosty's sermon ring prophetic and true to a congregation of snowmen and snowwomen. Spring is almost here, and are you ready? Those words are the most effective altar call a snowman could hear. AND.. though I do not participate, I hear Smelting is a spring activity for the true Minnesotan at heart.

csi frosty frostys revenge snowmans chance in hellsnowark2

snowman in may

Finally..SPRING IS SPRUNG.. and it is time for the little league opener where we always pray that the only white balls on the field are baseballs and not SNOWBALLS.

global warning note:  in 2013 there was still a snowman sighting as late as May!

Then SUMMER arrives.. really?

Contrary to the Stereotype Minnesota does have SUMMER.. and BOTH DAYS are very nice. Laughing.

Truth be told, summers in Minnesota can be downright beautiful with 10,000 lakes to fish, boat, swim in, or ski on.

The only things that hinders a Minnesota summer day is

  1. the dreaded Mosquito (aka our State Bird) feasting on any exposed flesh, and ..
  2. those times when the temperature and humidity leave us Sweltering in the spirit like a Floridian.

mosquito trueblood



skol vikings faithFALL in Minnesota.. BEAUTIFUL!
This is my favorite season. The leaves change to colors of red, yellow, and orange.. and the residents are all in purple & gold, or maroon & gold as they follow their Minnesota Vikings and the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers.  Which reminds me, our state animal is the mighty gopher.. a RODENT.

The Vikings each year pursue the elusive Super Bowl win while holding firm to the scripture truth in Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (aka winning the Super Bowl)

The sports passion for their Vikings have some claiming they
 BLEED PURPLE which I hope is a figure of speech. 

These devoted fans can 
found bantering with their cross border rivals, the Wisconsin Cheeseheads (aka Paker fans) . This border tension has ironically caused romantic sparks resulting in many 'mixed marriages' where a Packer marries a Viking, or visa versa. The end result is marriages that are as the Bible puts it.. unequally yoked.

deerhunting nosignsHi ho, Hi ho.. a Hunting we will go..
When not consumed by football Minnesotans can be found doning ORANGE and brandishing firearms in pursuit of wild game. Like Elmer Fudd not sure if it is duck season or wabbit season.. it matters not as we have a gun and are not afraid to use it.

The weather during hunting season ranges from a sunny cool fall day to snow and or sleet. Soon our beautiful fall season will come to an end as we will soon return to the top of this Minnesota page with the accompanying months of snow, and below zero temps we are loved.. er, aaa known for.

From glacial to mosquito then back again. Armed with warm clothes, bug repellant, and the word of God we Miinesotans are ready for anything. We are a Diverse people, and blessed with men of God who preach it with a Minnesotan FLAIR fer-sure doncha-know.

moosesOur politics can only be described as 'colorful' as we have

  1. elected a former pro wrestler as our governor,
  2. nickamed another governor Governor Goofy.
  3. We now have serving as our state senator.. a former comedian.

with the above history of knee jerk voting patterns I predict the next prominent elected official to be.. MOOSES.  It only makes sense.

One State, many names and a place I call HOME.

You can call us.. Minnesota Nice or Minnesota Ice.. MinneFROZEya, MinneFROZEtoes, MinneSNOWta, or in the summer MinneSWEATa, and if you sweat too much it may become MinneSMELLya.  

powerofcheeseMany names for this northern state we call call home.  AND, while I was born in Wisconsin I love it hear in Minnesota, and I am more than content to call it my home. 

winter scripture
So don't blame God...
For those Minnesotans who tend to complain about the freezing cold winters, and the mosquito ravaged summers let me chastise you with

Psalms 19:3
People ruin their own lives by their own foolishness, and then are angry at God. .. MEANING.. don't blame God cuz you chose to live in Minnesota!

So let me close this frostbitten, mosquito bitten tribute to my state with..

the Minnesota Blessing and the Minnesota Benediction.

 minnesotan benediction minnesota preacher 

 butwevoted mnps - with regards to the state of Minnesota voting to make same sex marriage legal in Minnesota the Back Pew is not in agreement.  This is not a judgmental view except to support traditional marriage as defined by God in his word as between a man and a woman.  










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