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In the beginning there was .. DATING .. and man said it was good.. most of the time

and if all goes well for an undisclosed period of time Dating may be followed by.. Marriage

MARRIAGE has been funny ever since Adam and Eve said I do ( I think they said it, or else it was implied). Anyway since this literal beginning and through most every marriage found in our Bibles husbands and wives have been doing what I would call the marriage dance. This dance runs the gamut of dance moves from the grace and beauty of a waltz, to the passion of a tango, the simple fun in the twist, jitterbug, or a few salsa moves, and.. EVEN at times a few dance moves that resemble a little strange punk slam dancing.

From Genesis through Revelation to Infinity and BEYOND ( like Buzz LightYear with a Dance Card) men and women have continued to dance... UNTIL..

man inadvertently finds himself jitterbugging solo on the THIN ICE of love where the water is cold and YES, he will be going down!

After this chilly THIN ICE awakening he returns to the dance floor to his wife.. refreshed, refocused and maybe more than a little puzzled at what just happened to him. Why am I all wet, and why is she mad at me?.. and why did she just BITE MY HEAD OFF?

The Good News is.. not all of marriage is spent on Thin Ice but instead it is a wonderful union as God intends where man and woman are better together than apart.

To this great union let me share a few toons celebrating the Evolution of Romance, and a magical land where Men are deemed to be handy by simply doing LAUNDRY. Of course a little quality alone time Living on a ROOF is sometimes a prescription for sanity.

In the midst of many homes if you are looking for the man of the house .. he is easily identifiable as the one Watching TV while the wife is the one rolling her eyes.

There will often be those contentious moments where Snuggle Time and Game Time are confused. Or.. the ongoing problem that someone (and I am not saying who) is Snoring.

Unfortunately there are other times where it is hard to find a reason to support the scriptures regarding the man being the - Head of the House except for his hat size. Other times we must Agree to Disagree... even when Shopping Together.

I would like to make a safety note that ringing a bell while calling for your wife to serve you with the words Submit! Submit is not only taking this Bible out of context but simply DANGEROUS!

Again, marriage is a foreign land, and so it goes without saying the wives are speaking a foreign language derived from the inhabitants of Estrogene Island. The residents of this Island all speak Estrogenese. Estrogenese is a complex dialect of double meanings yes does not always mean yes, nor her no mean no.  
There are words like 'fine' and 'whatever' that also have double meanings.. and when combined you have the problem of what I like to call the 'double ambiguous'. If your wife tells you "fine.. whatever" rest assured whatever your response is it will not be FINE and WHATEVER is the last thing you should do.

If there was one, an Owners Manual might help, but please note the fine print on your marriage receipt where ALL SALES ARE FINAL meaning... my wife can't return me! PTL!

Next I would like to share a few unexpected marriage benefits / blessings

1. Some wives are invaluable in finding car keys misplaced in plain sight... while others assist husbands in finding a missing belt.
2. My wife picks out my clothes when I need to look nice, and I am not offended.
3. Though her loving glances are no longer those dreamy looks of young love, she does not let me leave the house looking like a un kept wildebeest with a unibrow, or antenna-like ear lobe hairs.

Let's all admit the following .. Women are like Cats where affection is on their terms and time tables while Men are like Dogs are let's face it.. EASY. If you scratch us just right we are in Heaven. Also, when a Cat or the wife is upset, the Dogs and husbands world know someone is in TROUBLE and look for a safe place to hide.

With regards to marrying unbelievers the Bible discourages this and calls this being unequally yoked. Here in Minnesota it has a second gridiron meaning which the Bible says nothing about.. GO FIGURE.

As the years pass by I know while the passion of newlyweds may evolve to something more tame, BUT to me my wife will always be the most beautiful and graceful woman even if the only flame burning inside of me now is heartburn from last nights taco casserole.

and now in this post modern culture we don't even need to TALK to COMMUNICATE .. and .. some will TALK even when it would be nice if maybe for a change they DID NOT.


Jeff (thin ice dancer for over 28 years) Larson

 butwevoted mnps - with regards to the state of Minnesota voting to make gay marriage legal in Minnesota the Back Pew is not in agreement.  This is not a judgmental view except to support traditional marriage as defined by God in his word as between a man and a woman.  



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