For all you do.. these moms are for you!
 It's the circle of life.. from expecting, to delivering, to parenting this is not a job for WIMPS, and it never ends... cuz.. after your kids are all grown up you are rewarded with GRANDCHILDREN.  Until then, let me share the joys of being MOM from one MAN'S perspective.

and to think it all starts with.. 

EXPECTING MOMS.. from One Man's Perspective -- > click here for Back Pew related thoughts and toons regarding the 9 month mecca to the promised land for expecting moms from this one man's perspective. (or just view pregger toons below)


inee or outeebabybump
mom cba




BIRTH.. from One Man's Perspective -- > click here to follow the story of the birth of my first born.  Trust me, it is not a touchy feely Oprah like reading.  It is instead truly BIRTH from a man's perspective with all the feeling and sensitivity expected from a guy who colors for a living.


RAISING and corraling the little ones.  From birth through preschool your next 4 or 5 years is a crazy busy time where your anticipation for the birth of your child is now replaced with the anticipation of their nap and bed times. Alone.. is not really on the radar! Sleeping through the night.. LUXURY!
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toddler takedown





Moms of Teens...
- M-Day Planning
- Clean that Room,
don't just break a trail
- Let em have it!
- Don't forget clean underwear


Bible Moms...
- Sarah is showing
- Jeremiah's mommy
- Mary mother of Jesus
- Jacob was Momma's Boy 


Dad toons
Teen toons...






This page is a collection of christian cartoons honoring mothers, moms, and all

they do in our lives on Mothers Day and the other 364 days


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