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For Dorothy to get back to Kansas from the land of Oz all she had to do was click her ruby slippers together and recite over and over .. there's no place like home, there's no place like home.

No offense to Kansas-onians (BP speak for those living in Kansas) but if I was in Oz and I had ruby slippers I would not go to Kansas.. <pause> scratch that.. if I was wearing ruby slippers the munchkins would probably beat me up.. <pause2> now where was I?

funnyisntitOh yes.. There's no place like home!

And home for all who are followers of Jesus Christ and the God of the Christian Bible is Heaven. No need to do any slipper clickin', or reciting any no place like home lines. Simply believe and obey.. and the rest is details.

HEAVEN IS NOT.. the stereotype of fluffy clouds and halos and harps though they make great props for my BP Heaven.
the home for those who believe and is beyond our imagination, BUT I trust God with these unimaginable details.

But onward and forward to Heaven as seen in the Back Pew.

First, we enter through the Pearly Gates... don't go sneakin' round back.. YOU CAN'T GET IN FROM THE BACK or over the fence. There are no border patrol issues in Heaven.

acluinheavenashamedofjesus It's not what you know.. it's WHO ya know... and if you want to talk about IRONICAL moments at the Pearly Gates.. then look no further than when those ACLU lawyers reach the gates.They spent all their entire earthly existence fighting against any public displays of the 10 Commandments, school prayers, nativity displays at Christmas, etc etc only to find every facet of life in Heaven shouting the praises of God, His perfect laws, and His perfect grace.

heavenisnot handicapaccesibleacluinheaven

Also the whole topic of handicap acessibility in public settings on Earth are no longer an issue past the Pearly Gates. Imagine no sickness, no pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, blindness, or any other limitation in the perfect eternity so HEAVEN NEED NOT BE.. handicap accesible .

But as you approach the Pearly weakestlinkGates
let's hope it is not the shift for that Apprentice Gate Keeper who plays out his own grace-less version of the tv game show The Weakest Link. GOOD BYE!

There will be those Pearly gate rejections of those who should have gone better, there is also the age old truth enforced at the Pearly Gates Information Desk the age old truth you Can't take it with you.. OR CAN YOU?

So before we go any further let's review.

heavensentranceexamGoing to Heaven is NOT based on ...

1. how Close your home on earth was to church, 2. if you Attended the early service, 3. and Interview procees or 4. an entrance exam.

angel rollcallinstead...

simply if you simply BELIEVE & OBEY the God of our Bibles then be assured when the Roll is Called Up Yonder U-R-IN!

Now once past the border patrol at the Pearly Gates..
c'mon in and make yourself to home and meet the locals.

and I am sure you will find others you know or who are like you, and who like you. IT'S ALL GOOD. There are some who will head first thing to find a Buffet so they can kiss their earthly diets goodbye. Others you can quickly spot their passion for Golf , while others still are easily recognized as Rednecks.

Angels in Action...
Of course in the Back Pew I blur the lines between the imperfections and flaws of the life we know on Earth with our eternal home which I obviously could not imagine. In my BP Heaven just like on Earth the Maytag Repairman is still lonely. With all those clouds there is the dilemma of Lost Contacts and Lost golf balls.

angel dirtyharryThere are Angels who were obviously influenced by Earth's pop culture as evidenced by a few with Dirty Harry speak. Some angels suffer from the tell tale signs of DROOPY HALOS... and you will even find a few fans of The Back Pew as I find myself Entertaining Angels Unaware. Other angels find their entertainment from the number one Reality TV show in Heaven, Survivor Denomination Island.

abe and abe

And look over their I think that is Abraham and Honest Abe Lincoln CHATING over by the angel they call Floyd.. who is just happy to be in Heaven and is known as The LEAST of angels.

Leisure Time in Heaven ... So much time (eternity) and so much to do leads to some more mischevious angels creating waterballoons-Thundershowers , or simply dropping Waterballoons on those suspecting down on Earth. HALO-HOOPS can be found as asource of humor by some but not so funny to others when a ball goesbouncing off their heads.
One of my family's favorite Earthly past time is garage sales where one man's junk is another man's treasure. In Heaven.. Garage Sales are out of this world (literally).

While it is paradise from a Back Pew perspective some things NEVER change as laundry will remain a mystery to some men. And ironically for some Devils Food Cake is a favorite.

ron heavenfantasyfootballOf course in BP Heaven while the white robes with halos and wings are standard Angel Attire, you will find some who will be talked to as their devotion to their earthly sports teams has gone too far especially when it comes to Super Bowl losers . The all white angel attire also has become a laundry issue as pit stains and Dog prints are an issue. and with regards to Heaven being multicultural.. we even have Minnesotans speaking Angelotan.

With regards to sports, I am proud to announce since the summer of 2011 my good friend Ron Sykes started the FIRST FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE in Heaven. I suspect Ron is taking advantage of the locals who have not focused as much of their Sunday energies on following the game of American Football. Also Ron will have an impact on how the angels spend their leisure time in Heaven with water ski outings at Lake in the Clouds ron heavenwaterskiingState Park. Also please take note that Ron (though he resides now in Heaven) was sorely disappointed with the lack of SuperBowl coverage on Heaven's TV networks.

Finally there are some who appear will never be happy.. even in Heaven. Somehow they got into Heaven, but will always find something to complain about.

satantossedfromheavenNow when talking about Heaven it important to note the story of Heaven from waaaay back. Satan actually was once the most beautiful angel in Heaven, but fueled by his twisted ego and greed he attempted to mutiny and be I guess God. Of course just like today, Satan has no real power when confronting almighty God and in what I would call THE APPRENTICE (ETERNITY EDITION) Satan heard the words from God "YOU'RE FIRED!" and was promptly TOSSED and lands less than gracefully on his ear never to return along with any other rebel angels in order to Keep the Riff-Raff out!

coffeeinheavendevilsfoodcake in heavenAlso, though I miss him here on Earth my dad has been a resident in Heaven since early 2002.
I always wonder how he is fitting in. He was a good man who deserves Heaven, but his rural take on how life should be lived I am sure made Heaven a bit of an adjustment. It is rumored parts of Heaven do not allow garage sales, and as a logger on Earth, clear cutting is frowned upon beyond the Pearly Gates as is feeding the dogs at the dinner table. WHO KNEW?

Overall my dad I know fits in well. He will not be discussing theology with CS Lewis, and Martin Luther, but instead will fit in nicely with the average guy who lived life well and loved God during his time on Earth. And.. he so much enjoys that great simply pleasure in life (and after life) a great cup of COFFEE... and Heaven makes a great cup of coffee.

Finally, let me take a moment to remember Holidays in Heaven. In Heaven we will wish you a Merry Christmas rather Happy Holidays. Easter is the celebration of our Risen Savior and NOT simply Easter bunnies and colored eggs. You see Christmas ( the Birth of Jesus ) and Easter ( the resurrection of our savior ) were all a part of God's plan as heard so many years ago during Chatter around Heaven's Coffee Maker.

halloweeninheavenThanksgiving is a wonderful celebration in Heaven as we serve a wonderful God and so Thanksgiving is what our lives should be about. Finally from the Back Pew perspective we even enjoy Halloween. No dark images only candy and fun as the locals dress up in costumes though there are from time to time those who have been addressed for inappropriate costume attire.

Thank you for taking time to take a visit to my Back Pew Heaven. Again, let me summarize Heaven is the home for those who believe and are obedient to our God. Perfection was never expected, but the desire to do our best and to put our trust in our Creator ensures us all an eternity in Heaven. Our honest desire to obey + God's perfect Grace is the key that opens the door to Paradise.

HEAVEN.. is that plain of existence beyond our comprehension.
- Heaven is life beyond our failing physical bodies for those who believe and honor God.
- Heaven is that plain where we are reunited with friends, family, and fellow believers, and
- Heaven is that plain where we will live eternally with our loving creator



Heaven or Hell, you choose
(a BP commentary)


This is the Back Page collection of cartoons on the subject of Heaven, angels, and the Pearly Gates


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