You know what really bugs me about church? Well let me tell you. First of, the WORSHIP style is
contemporary, which I like.. BUT they never EVER sing hymns. HAVE WE FORGOTTEN OUR HERITAGE!!
We even have a worship Sunday where the music has a very gospel flavor though most of us are white. Very
very politically correct if you know what I mean.
THE PASTOR seems to be well liked, and he is preaching God’s word, but I think we need to hear about
a little HELL FIRE AND DAMNATION. I mean, all this grace talk week after week is just so he
does not offend everyone… I think he’s afraid of stepping on toes, and turning people off by telling the truth
that they are going to HELL.. if they don’t walk the straight and narrow.
Then on COMMUNION Sundays he sometimes changes the order of the service.. I FIND THIS TO BE
A GREAT DISTRACTION especially after already neglecting to sing a hymn AGAIN this week. So I can’t even
get myself in the right frame of mind to ENJOY the Lord’s sacrament.
Our pastor is always PUSHING BAPTISM.. like by itself is how we are saved. I know he does not say that from
the pulpit.. but we all KNOW HOW BAPTISTS ARE!!
Let me tell you about GIVING.. The pastor calls the ushers up to take the weekly offering, and says with his
big friendly smile “If you are a guest, feel no obligation to give. Giving is for those who have chosen this place
as their church home.” WELL HOW DOES THAT MAKE THE REST OF US FEEL? Talk about putting the
screws to us faithful attenders. He knows what he is doing.. he is sooo manipulative!!
While on the same subject of GIVING. We are in the middle of BUILDING PROGRAM… and he all but says
THE LORD IS GOING TO TAKE HIM HOME if we can’t raise money for this new building. Well I say.. TAKE HIM.. I
am sure the local seminary can crank out another ‘CAREER MINISTER’ who never has worked an honest day in
his life to take his place. NO BIG DEAL. Besides, this building program is all about guilt. When has a
church building ever saved someone from hell. The church forgets that it is the loving caring people like myself
that saves souls!! Of course the love of Jesus has a part in salvation too.
There is so much more!! There are the TEEN PROGRAMS that seem more about having fun under the guise
of Christianity. HA!!.. I would like to see any senior high so called believer take a pop quiz on the minor prophets.
How do they expect to ground our youth in the love of Christ when there focus is ALWAYS on having fun? How does
this prepare them for the real world? I will tell you how.. IT DOES NOT!! I live in the real world, and it is no picnic.
Only by the grace and love of God balanced with a FEAR OF DAMNATION FIRE do I make sense of it all. Then
they are always asking for money to send them to this or that retreat or the ever popular MISSIONS TRIPS.
Well I never went on a missions trip, and I turned out fine!!
Even the KIDS MINISTRIES are just glorified and sanctified babysitters. When I was a kid I sat in church with
my parents through the services.. no one singing barney like ‘Jesus loves me’ stuff!! AND you know what? Having
kids in the church service is preparation for the real world. It builds character!! It builds character for the child, the
parent, and even the preacher as we all persevere through his sermon in the midst of crying babies, squirming
preschoolers, and stressed parents. Our children are our blessing!!
This all being said.. you can see this is just the tip of the iceberg, and the church is the Titantic. We either
wake up soon, or man the life boats cuz we are all headed to HELL!! <pause> I share these thoughts only
because I care so much.

WOW.. That was almost therapeutic. Sort of a SPIRITUAL OVER THE TOP SCREAM THERAPY. I follow this with
a few more peaceful thoughts. 1. For those of you that thought I was serious .. and were upset.. remove me
from your ‘critically in need of prayer’ lists. I was taking different aspects of my church, and going BONKERS. There is
not even a thread of subconscious truth in the above rant. 2. For those of you that thought I was serious .. and shouted AMEN..
please step away slowly from your CAFFINATED beverage of choice… and note that YOUR HALO IS ON TOO
Finally with all this being said.. it is ok to have differing opinions on our church, and all the aspects mentioned above
as long as your opinions are sincere in the goal of making the church better. For example, my wife somehow figured
out that I don’t do everything right. That I make mistakes, that I make wrong choices, sometimes my focus in life gets
off center, but through it all.. my wife loves me. GO FIGURE. She wants what is best for me, and helps me be a
better person. So same should go for the church. Whether it is the worship style, the kids programs, or whatever else
there will not be a perfect church or else they would NOT ALLOW YOU OR ME in it!! Even your pastor (the leader of
your church) is not always right.. but is my attitude one of love and support and concern, or am I just dissatisfied, and wanting
to move on?

Have a great day.. do a little SPIRITUAL SCREAM THERAPY if you need, but then smile and return to an attitude of LOVE
for each other as believers, and love for a world that needs Jesus. HAVE A GREAT DAY WITH ALL OF GOD’S BLESSINGS!!