Good Preachers Gone Bad -
It is probably not as easy as job as it looks. I mean, I know a few preacher types.. and I have to
say.. NO BIG DEAL!!
Of course a solid number of readers of my daily emails are shouting “BLASPHEMOUS!!”.. and are
breaking into a verbal scolding bordering on cursing of me having the gall to say PASTORING IS NO
BIG DEAL! So before you tear your Sunday suit or soil it in a conniption fit.. let me explain.
1. Let’s face it.. you ONLY WORK ONE DAY PER WEEK!!
2. You never have explained to my satisfaction.. WHAT REALLY HAPPENS to the Sunday offerings?
3. That OFFERTORY PRAYER you did last week did not go so well.. REMEMBER?.
4. While I would never call you a MORON.. a walking talking eating OXYMORON?.. yes.
5. Of course there is that CHURCH TRADITION you faithfully remember that maybe is not working as planned.
6. There is that CHURCH GROWTH GIMIC that was just plain scary.
7. I even remember when you first were a PASTORAL CANDIDATE at our church.. now wasn’t that special.
8. How bout’ that time when you LOST YOUR COOL as you concluded your sermon.. but as a guy.. I want
you to know I did understand your concerns.
9. Another concern is.. though we give you suggestions to improve our total church experience..
10. You often prove to be oversensitive to CONSTRUCTIVE CRITI..CRITI.. EXHORTATIONS!!
11. I am concerned you sometimes can’t tell RIGHT from WRONG!!
12. Your sense of humor.. and timing to me.. SEEMS A BIT STIFF.
13. It is bad enough YOUR SERMONS ARE OFTEN TOO LONG.. but there was that baptism that
was simply a MISTAKE.
14. You need to have YOUR NOSE IN THE WORD.. and not playing with your techy toys.
and finally…
15. Please realize the congregation has a NICKNAME FOR YOU.

Of course this is a tongue and cheek look at preachers/priests/clergy/pastors/minister etc. etc.. and though
they often live in glass houses.. let’s be faithful in our support and respect of their calling from God.