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 For all you do.. THIS DAD'S FOR YOU

While each of us have different experiences with our dads.. The illusion of omnipotent dad is exposed.

When I was a little boy.. I believed my dad could do anything. He was the biggest, strongest man I knew. He was amazing! I did not use the word omnipotent back then, but I thought my dad was pretty close to superman. My dad worked hard, then came home to care for his family. 

mydaddycan belchingson dadscolding 

Then the teen years..
 where I was maybe not quite as amazed by my dad or enamored with his rules on cleaning my room, curfews, good grades, getting up in the morning, and questioning my 'expert' driving seemed a bit unnecessary.  Then when it came to punishments and consequences.. well he was in my humble opinion.. a bit Medieval.


Truth be told his ways were sometimes
 down right irritating. His personality and actions were now simply very old fashioned, and he talked/ranted at the evening news on TV like they could hear him with opinions that were all his own.

dad dontsmokedontchew dad alarmclock teendrivers

Once I was out of the nest and on my own.. I began to realize again dad was a whole lot smarter than he looked when I was a teen. I began again to appreciate  his knowledge, his experiences, and maybe I could learn a thing or two.. or at least borrow his tools Smile.  At first there I may have been in denial, but truth be told.. I sorta like the old guy.

Fast forward to TODAY where the circle of life is in action again. My dad has passed away, and now I AM THAT DAD I wrote about above. I have transitioned from SuperDad when my kids were young, to the stage where my kids realized I did not actually have super powers.  Now they are all grown up and they see a pretty balanced picture of me as dad. 

The reality is.. all dads falls somewhere between omnipotent and a blithering idiot.  If your dad loves your mom, then loved and cared for his children (including you) then you are truly BLESSED, and the rest is just details.

With this summary in mind.. Let me share a few other Dad Moments in the Back Pew  
- What's happenin' Dawg? - Provoke Not for Dummies - Fathers who are Referees 

and let's not forget.. BIBLE DADS! 
Let's start with the Old Testament..

noah and sons isaacthesacrifice isaac empty

Noah and his boys         Abraham and Isaac        Isaac blessing Esau

joseph and jacob nadab abihu  david and solomon2

Jacob and Joseph           Aaron, Nadab & Abihu      David & Solomon

Also there was the tough love? demonstrated between 
Saul & Jonathan

Now on to the New Testament..

josephandmary  jb and dad    satan fatheroflies

Joseph forgets Jesus?     JB and Dad and...            Satan, the father of lies

When I think about the role of fathers.. aka dad, pops, old man river, etc I have many images that come to mind. Let me finish this page with

the Dad's of my life.

  1. dad in navyMy Dad, Walter E. Larson - My dad passed away in February 2012, but I was blessed with a father who was involved in my entire life.  He was not your sit on the floor and play cars with a 4 year old kind of dad, but he was always involved and always loving. Then once I had kids of my own, my dad was very involved with his grandkids, from making up stories to tell his granddaughter Erin, to shooting b-b guns (once in our house!) with his grandsons. No one shot their eye out (like Ralphie in Christmas Story), and so he was forgiven.
  2. My Dad-in-law, Walter E. Laun - When I married into the Laun family, Walter was 74 but busy and healthy and always involved with family and church. Walter also was a great father in law who kept an eye out for his youngest daughter who married this Wisconsin Cheesehead.  He even rented the other half of his duplex to his youngest daughter and the above mentioned cheesehead for the first couple years of our marriage. Walter lived by the three Fs of Faith, Family, and Friends, and in that order. He was a role model to me that I am forever grateful though I only knew him 12 1/2 short years before he passed away.
  3. Grandpa Ross - My mom's dad John Ross was born in Hungary, moved to America when he was about 12. After marrying my grandma he raised a family which included my mom Nellie. My Grandma & Grandpa Ross lived in a little house in the little town of Cable Wi (pop. 280) about 1/4 mile from me so I have plenty of fond memories of my Grandpa Ross. My early memories were as a preschooler trying to blow out his matches before he could light his pipe. He was a hard working man, loved his family.
  4. indifferentdeityGod the Father - All the above fine father figures of course lived on this physical plain of Earth. In contrast and just as obvious, my Heavenly Father exists on a spiritual plain. Not so easy a concept to wrap my pea brain around some days, but I believe in this God the Father who loves His children perfectly. I believe He cares, answers our prayers, and blesses those who honor Him with their lives. AND.. he also is the loving Father of all those who hurt in this world and desires all to come to Him in this life and for the next. No doubt this is a world overflowing with all forms of pain and suffering from famine, wars, natural disasters, and more.. BUT I believe God is not indifferent to this pain. We as His children need to be the hands and feet of God in service to His children in need.

Note: With regards to the Earthly dads in my life they are gone now, but no one can take away the impact they had in my life and the true blessing from God they each were. Wonderful memories of family where faith and family were paramount in our lives. I know not everyone can say that but I am blessed to say I can.

With regards to my Heavenly Father.. No matter if our feelings for our earthly fathers is good or not, OUR Heavenly Father will not disappoint, and we are all a part of His family.

God bless all the dads in our lives for their love and investment in their children.





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