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WHERE FAITH MEETS FASHION is often an interesting blend. Modesty is encouraged, but that does not mean
we have to go bland. I believe common sense inspired truly by God's word should be our guide.

We live in a society where anything goes and we are chastised for calling wrong .. wrong. It could be confusing,
but I sincerely do not believe it is as difficult as we make it.

Of course those of you reading this are in a scary place as I HAVE ZERO FASHION SENSE. My wife pokes
fun at me from time to time and my wardrobe choices, and honestly I appreciate her advice in what I should
wear as she does an occasional Sunday morning makeover of the man she loves (me).

Tattoos & Piercings: I have not crossed over into making a fashion statement by adding a tattoo to my body, and personally am not a fan.. but that is just my opinion. My son Curtis has a tattoo of a Christ as at testimony of his faith, and I know of many who have chosen a TATTOO or TATTWO (more than one tattoo). So to each their own, but for me for now.. the only ink on my body will be from my leaking drawing pen.

Teen Fashions... I often believe this is an area to tread carefully. Sagging pants on the guys, and low cut and
high cut fashions on the young ladies can be a compromise of modesty and good taste. I am not a prude, but no parent
wants their young daughter to dress in an alluring inappropriate way. Also I do not like teens to wear dark gothic or grunge
fashions that compromise how others view them.


At Church - Now this can be an interesting fashion show in itself. At church we view others often dressed in their Sunday
best, but in today's society I would say the fashion statement of most is more casual than in the church I grew up in the
1960s. Not so many suits and ties, or dresses. In the fall I must also say there are many more football jerseys worn to
church as a visual statement of support to their team who will be playing later in the day.

Hair.. Is also a fashion statement of sorts, and about anything goes. Hair coloring, perms of all shapes, sizes, and colors on the
ladies, and on the men everything from mullets, to comb overs, to afros..... even maybe some head banging long hair.

Bible Fashions : Now that I have covered much of fashion from my Back Pew... I would like to comment on
the various fashion statements found in our Bibles. From the very beginning when fig leaf fashions lasting only until the

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