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Below are my rambling spiritual lessons found along life's road. Let's start with ..

The (Roadside) 10 Commandments

1. Thou shalt display Road Grace not road RAGE
2. Thou shalt deliver thy children on that time honored drive to CHURCH every Sunday
3. Thou shalt NOT raise BOTH hands if DUI of God's Spirit
4. Thou shalt not HONK , tailgate, or nudge in rush hour traffic
5. Thou shalt keep both EYES on the Road figuratively not literally

 dui of praise

6. There shalt be PRAYER IN THY SCHOOLS as long as there is drivers education
7. Thou shalt drive with caution on snow covered winter roads
8. Thou shalt not be a BACK SEAT DRIVER when your teen has their learners permit
9.  Thou shalt beware of THE SENIOR DRIVER (which I am )
10. The road to Heaven is narrow, but the road to Hell is a ROUTE 666 Autobahn like expressway. (note to self.. STAY OFF THE EXPRESSWAY)

prayerinschool driversedbackseatdriverroute666 2 


... more Lessons from life on the Road..

bumperstickersDaily our lives meander down paths, bunny trails, routes, shortcuts, longcuts, and expressways. Some roads are well marked while others are a handwritten map on a the back of a coffee stained napkin, but all roads provide us with choices.  

From my office chair  I can make a sharp left and traverse my way to the kitchen for a snack. Or I may choose the another route into my garage, get on my bike (once the snow is gone) and take a trek on the paved bike paths of beautiful Elm Creek Park.  If I get in my car I can with the assistance of my GPS travel most anywhere there is a road.   

There is so much talk these days regarding driving. Too many drive impaired by drugs or alcohol, or compromise their drivng by texting.  There is the lady who puts on her makeup while in rush hour traffic, BUT what I believe is the most dangerous distracted driver combo is the fella who is eating his  Drive Thru dinner with cup holders handling a jumbo pop, and a melting hot fudge sundae while he attempts to eat a sloppy triple patty burger held in his right hand with condiments dripping onto down his chin and onto his lap.  His extra large order of french fries is held between his knees and with while steering his car with two fingers of his left hand he is checking the scores of today's games on his smart phone with the other 3 'free' fingers.

 This of course is an extreme example of distracted driving, but I am sure Jesus would have used something similar if teaching parables about the perils of today's road.  Distracted/compromised driving and a distracted/compromised faith can both lead to disaster.

Our bibles of course use roads and paths both figuratively and literally through out it's pages. 
John the Baptist preached "Make way for the Lord". 
Paul met the Lord on the Road to Damascus in the form a blinding STOP  traffic light.  
Jesus shares the road to Heaven is through the narrow gate, but the road to Hell by comparison is an expressway where many are traveling fast and furious towards destruction.

teen driversImagine the fodder today's roads would be for Jesus to teach us about His kingdom.  All of the above Ten Roadside Commandments and more are examples where we can be faithful in the moment. The road signs and lights direct us to when to stop, yield, or go. Those over confident Teen Drivers, those over cautious senior drivers, honking horns, all lead to road RAGE where there should be road GRACE.  We now have replaced out tattered folded paper maps with a GPS.  I love my GPS though it from time to time locks up or still gets me a bit lost. 

And.. if we somehow cross the Ocean it seems everyone is DRIVING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD! 

On our roads it seems most everyone is in a hurry, changing lanes, tail gating, and then the occasional keys locked in the car moments.

These are just a few on the road and roadside of life moments I can think of.  Let me conclude again with a paraphrase of Jesus gospel.. The road is narrow to Heaven, the road that leads to destruction is wide... again.. CHOOSE WISELY.


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