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pc possessed
Here in our mad world of technological advances we still can find the same Jesus who walked the Earth over 2000 years ago. Computers are simply the tool of choice for modern man in our instant information society and not inherently evil as rumored.

Of course in the Back Pew this is another venue where faith meets technology THEN meets crayola crayon.

While it is rumored computers are from the devil this is simply not true. Of course when you are using your computer while browsing the internet.. you can certainly find sites that are about as dark and void of anything good that it may not be the devil, BUT you are certainly in his area code.

geek meets greekBut let's back up and fire up your Back Pew computer. If the internet is not evil enough.. just the home computer alone you must CHOOSE one of two major evil empires.. Windows or Apple.  Once you sign your life over to one of these devils you will then be further lured into programs that many are proprietary... and when you do their HOOK only goes deeper in you.

modernmarriageSo.. Choose your poison.. either way they will suck you in with the gotta gotsta have latest and greatest and that is just the operating system.

Hardware advances include Touch screens, big screens for viewing your computer of choice of badest and fastest processors with Terabyte(s) of storage to save your pictures and files which can be shared on the CLOUD.

The Cloud.. sounds like either some new age techy service or a few techy nerd angels are storing files in the clouds beyond the Pearly Gates without 'managment' being aware..

roberts pc


But low and behold, your home computer may become bogged down with spyware, malware, tupperware, or just a good ol' virus from the brightest and nastiest young computer hackers out there making the old movie WarGames look like just a movie. <pause> Ok, I guess it was just a movie.. BUT I DIGRESS.

biblelaptopOf course the world of computers also blends nicely (sometimes) with our tablets and smartphones, and even our game systems when we start browsing on the world wide web.

    - Palmpilots  , then Ipads v Android based tablets

biblestudy usb
This is where we segue away from the desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to browsing the web which now includes SOCIAL MEDIA.  And.. Flaming is not just for firetrucks, and email anymore.  

Now with the advancements of social 2tablets ipad androidmedia I can send a flaming tweet or make a nasty post on facebook with the sound of a (mouse) click.

The funny part is the internet can be just like church where you may receive a FLAMING tweet, email, or facebook post all under the awkward guise of exhortation or Christian correction.  

Much like the lady at church who always is criticizing the pastor, and or a change in the church service.  I call these wonderful folks..

'Lemon Suckers for Jesus'

flametweet  alice     flamemail

So far I have described a technology world that is faster than a speeding bullet UNLESS you have one of the above mentioned virus, spyware, malware, hardware, or software bug. Your internet service provider could be down, your router may need to be rebooted, or it could simply be a NUT loose on your keyboard (that means you).

With all these reasons for a person to avoid technology.. I must confess.. I like the world of computers and appreciate what I can do with a similar (mouse) click. While I stated above the internet is a world of darkness, there is also a great resource of light.

cyberpastorLight found in Darkness - With may computer device of choice I can search the web for online Bibles, bible facts, and stories, and sermons and tweets from most any occasion or curiosity. All this can be done without cracking open a book.  The Great Commission for the technology age could be revised.. Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel all while sitting on your ample butt.  Ok, scratch that visual, but you get my point.

internetwomandemon computergeeks




There is much more to share regarding technology
and faith. It is like a high speed reeses peanut butter cup..

Hey you got technology on my faith, Hey you got faith on my technology. BUT no matter, as soon as I save this post to the web the technology I share will continue to become outdated, BUT the faith I share is never changing.

me andmy mouse
temptationI pray God blesses our use of technology and our choices be in the light and not in the dark. May God bless each of you on your faith journey, and may this world of technology NOT cause you angst,
nor the use of 4 letter words.

Let me leave you with a few random technology moments found in the Back Pew.  

private sins-clicker compromise - total darkness Light v Dark

rev bookoflife  trust and ebay  hits

Heaven goes paperless    Trust and Ebay              Webtraffic - hitmaster!



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