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face ina bottleDRINKING.. is a major problem for so many, and so cartooning this topic is a touchy subject. Most of us have family and or friends that are affected by alcohol and so while I will stop short of saying drinking is wrong, I do know it is wrong for me.

Proverbs 20:1 Wine produces mockers, alcohol leads to brawls. Those led astray by drink cannot be wise.

Alcohol is a touchy subject for me because I recognized drinking had become an area of compromise in my life with no real positives. Unless... unwanted/unneeded calories and next day blahs are positives.

I could justify my choice to drink all I wanted but.. the scriptures do not mince words! I believe most justifications I have heard or have made ring hallow and most often put our society at risk. 

Broken marriages, DUIs, and much much more... nothing funny and nothing gained in our less than sober society.

AGAIN.. I am not qualified to say drinking is WRONG, but.. please prayerfully be careful and honoring to God in all our choices including drink.

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Drinking stories... from the Bible

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and now on to the approve drink of the church.. COFFEE

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