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christmas title
'REAL ONE' ..  and the fun guy in the 'RED SUIT'

Santa - fun Christmas fantasy

CHRISTMAS -coming soon and gone before you know it.. like the mailman but he delivers on Christmas Day!

christmasiscoming santa v snow

santa notNext.. A spiritual lesson from Santa
Do not accept a substitute Santa.. and certainly not a substitute Savior!


Sit on Santa's Lap and making a 
List that he will use against his naughty or nice list

santaslap santaslap2

The many faces of Santa include his .. midlife crisis , and this darkside Goth Santa 

santagolf santabungee2

christmas mobstersNext let me share a random collection of Christmas moments featuring Santa, Rudolph, and a cast of others.

Christmas Night..

santa jeans christmas2infinity



Mistletoe & more..

mistletoedrumstick mistletoesmokes

mistletoemove  mistletoecheeseludafisk


baylie burned dog nativity



christmas dogs housepet christmas

livenativity mn

Jesus - the very real Christmas Miracle..

God's Plan to save the World  was the buzz around the Coffee Maker in Heaven
a little over 2000 years ago.
A baby would be born to a virgin in a manger. This plan was both original and ingenious!


That First Christmas Night (Luke 2)
This plan included the original Odd Couple of Shepherds, and Angels. Where else would you find such white collar and blue collar folk rubbing elbows.

After an extensive Tryout process the Realms of Glory Choir was selected. In contrast but not to be outdone the Shepherds were singing 'Go Smell it on the Mountain' which was later revised to become the Gospel Classic 'Go Tell it on the Mountain.

realmsofglorychoir gosmellitonthemountain

Others in Attendance.. 

  • Harold   the angel could be heard singing Hark!
  • Gloria  was there from Excelces Deo...
  • slow mobile networks   prevented others from attending that first Christmas night..

harold gloria

sheepherdIt was a glorious night as the angels greeted these sheep folk with the words.. Fear not! as they pointed the way to the Bethlehem Star. "Follow that star.. dude".. was heard by some sheep tenders while others were greeted by the UP NORTH angel who's apparel was a bit startling
to those near christmas ufoBethlehem. In Minnesota the appearance of these Snow Angels would have been so out of place, but HELLO Bethlehem was not a suburb of Minneapolis Mn! And.. let's not forget the Tabloid affect the angels had on some.

Jesus is born!!
he announcement of his birth would have included plenty of angel air time minutes as they are heard (calling and texting) on high.

baaathlehem Of course where there are shepherds there were sheep who all did there part as bit players that first Christmas night. Some sheep were BAAA Humbug in their attitude while other wooly friends were totally in the spirit offering their services as living breathing positioning systems (SPS) for the new born baby Jesus... praising the baaahumbugbirth of God's own son on Earth with exclamations of ..
unBAAAlievable!.. and Nice BAAA-by.

It also should be
noted in the midst of this glorious night there was an awkward moment when Mistletoe was found growing wild at the manger where Jesus was born but after a few awkward smiles, focus returned to where it should be worshiping the newborn baby Jesus. WHEW!.

3 wisemen (Mt 2) The other major players this first Christmas night were those three wisemen. This part of the story is met by skeptical women believing that there is no such thing as truly WISEMEN. Good, maybe.. but wise? ..

and of course they did not find Jesus that first night with
out a GPS3wisemen 2 cuz.. stopping to ask directions was simply out of the question.

In their own defense they claimed it would have taken much longer if there wives were along wanting to stop along the way at every souvineer and gift shop.
.. and

if... these 3 wisemen who traveled so far were from let's say.. CANADA it would 3wisemen puppypresenthave added an entirely different flavor to the Christmas story.. don't you think EH? AND.. wouldn't a puppy make a better gift for a child king?

Before all this Herod pretended to recruit these 3 WISEGUYS to report to him when they found Jesus so he could worship Jesus too. God warned them NOT to obey Herod.

silentnightholynight not

It was a Silent Night and Holy night, but not for everyone and though this was all part of God's perfect plan to be have our savior rejected by the Inkeepers and their
No Vacancy signs.. he was welcomed by ...

donkey christmas Roy the Donkey  and...
a Little drummer boy

and then ironically just one week later the Inkeeper devised a plan to profit from his unwitting noteriety... marketing it like Graceland was for Elvis.

But to sum up that first Christmas night it was a HOLY NIGHT, and the beginning of life of Jesus on Earth and the again it was a part of GOD'S PERFECT PLAN to provide a SAVIOR.  


A Few Misc. Christmas images and thoughts from the Back Pew..

Scrooge, ACLU more...

fleasonmydog christmas bites
 pccarolers2  scrooge aclu


SNOWMEN snowwomen, snow people



For Her..

- power tools - snowmen buying presents

christmaspresent sander snowmanpresents
- Thinking of you

For Him..
- Beano?
- butI want toys .. and
GRIM presents

beano gift grimmy and swissearmysickle

christmasmorning santas visa

For the Kids...

- some assembly required



(1) Love God.. love others.. Mt. 22:37-39 (2) Trust God with all your heart.. Pr. 3:5-6
The Lord is my Shepherd.. Ps.23 (4) Dwell on what is true, honorable, and pure.. Phil 4:8


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