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Leaders Lead...
- Those Oldie Testaments but goodies... were led by the like of Moses , and Deborah
While Today's worship leaders... range from Elvis like renditions of the King is Coming.. to those who are a tad less charismatic with nary a hand raised... and let's not forget to recognize the diversity in worship with Metal Worship for Munchkins, and churches who contract with worship ministries to providesubstitute worship leaders with mixed results.

The People Worship..

- Worship Stylings are everywhere you look. It is a beautiful colorful scene in churches around the world where everyone from the 'charismaniac' to the 'board stiff fundementalist'. Worship of God is seen in most every conceivable manner from standing with hands lifted high to arms crossed while sitting on ample butt.

Let me share a few a few favorite 'worshipmeisters' in the Back Pew... - We have...BULLWINKLE , The SIXSHOOTER , those making a JOYFUL NOISES, a great rendition of Onward Christian Soldiers , and a few that think they are HOLIER or HOLE-ier than though.
.. while others simply SIT

- BUT.. we must not ignore the health risks
of worship from the Rotator Cuff injuries to hand raisers, and those who are arrested for DUI of Worship. AND.. what another overlooked risk is what I would like to call FRIENDLY FIRE where unsuspecting victims succumb to the infamous Worship WACK. Finally, those who are not deterred from raising there hands know you are at the risk of becoming LOCKED in the up position. SO DON'T SAY I HAVE NOT WARNED YOU! On the flip side of any health risks you may encounter is.. the very real possibility when lifting up holy hands.. you may learn KARATE!

- Of course I do speak first hand to the fact that there are those who suffer from Random Rythum dare I say are 'Worship IMPAIRED'. For me to clap to a beat and sing at the same time is beyond my worship mulitasking capabilities. But as the founder of the
Cardboard Charismatics of America I do attempt to step outside my comfort zone and occasionally LIFT UP Holy Hands if for no other reason than to block the bass beat of the contemporary worship band.

So let me repeat, it is a beautiful thing to have all of God's people celebrating with worship, though some may grumble over the reality the Church ORGAN has been replaced with keyboards, guitars, and drums!

Outside of the above mentioned worship stylings or style Worship ETIQUETTE should be followed, and in case some get too carried away, there are Worship BOUNCERS to keep some semblence of order and not let the worship center be reduced to a MOSHPIT , where tradional worship was very very LOST on the regulars. One final comment on worship conduct is think of others and when necessary WEAR A BELT .. please!

Performers, Special Music, and Concert moments
I enjoy Christian Concerts and from time to time like to be in attendance, and in the Back Pew we have various and sundry performers that share God's Truth as He leads them. Some are just SSSOOO excited that they just can't hide thir faith. There is Third Day Edna, the Injustice Dance Troupe , keyboard stylings of Hymns by Her , Steven Curtis CHAPLIPS , Guns & Rosary , the Joyful Noise Gang. , the Clanging Cymbals of Love, and that talent night performance that was SPECIAL.

One last observation regarding the Christian Concert scene is in the lobby the line to ladies room resembles a giant Conga lines twisting and turning like a Giant Anaconda.. which I have entitled the AnaCONGA.

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Along with Summer Music Festivals we also have lessons to be learned in the Mosh Pit.
1. Bill Gather fans, you are currently lost.
2. - Middle Aged Moshed
3. - Mosh Mashed

So whether you are contemporary or traditonal, young or old... rhythm impaired or gifted.. the key is all creatures of our God and King are created to worship.

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(1) Love God.. love others.. Mt. 22:37-39 (2) Trust God with all your heart.. Pr. 3:5-6
The Lord is my Shepherd.. Ps.23 (4) Dwell on what is true, honorable, and pure.. Phil 4:8


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