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Baby, Baby, Baby

The whole parenting process begins with of course.. BABIES. Those little guys and gals who fill our hearts with warm smiles and their diapers with warm piles. We love these mini-me like characters but also being honest we at times cringe with exasperations that these same little bundle of joys who limited communication skills which includes coos, grunts, giggles, BUT ALSO the all powerful manipulation tool of CRYING.

- Speaking from experience some babies come early and are given the PREME label. My daughter Erin was born 10 weeks early weighing in at 3 pounds 13 ounces, but viola she is now is all grown up.

The first words, and first steps
are those milestones that we as parents track like they our kids are attempting to run a 4 minute mile so we can off hand BRAG about the brilliant high acheiving child we are raising... WHEN .. in reality NORMAL covers a wide range of early and late talkers and walkers and NORMAL is what most of our kids are. I MEAN TO SAY.. I am thankful when I am considered ( on a good day ) normal by my peers, and my acheivments in life at best are in the realm of NORMAL if not at times deemed a bit UNDERWELMING.. so to paraphrase Forrest Gump .. "Normal is as Normal does."

A Childlike Faith is what Christ calls each of us to have. We trust our parents to care for us and to lovingly direct and discipline us. An uncluttered faith of a child and in us is that freeing heart condition where ultimate trust is in The Father.

Our Heavenly Father is the perfect loving parent, and the lessons drawn from the life of a child are a near perfect parallel for us to learn from. There will be the inevidibly literal and figurative
spilled milk moments, and limited grasp of the facts as they move through those formative years. The word Obey is not a natural concept form children to grasp. Bill Cosby once said 'Obey' sounds like Pig Latin.

And since Obey is such a funny sounding word
our children often in response.. DIS-obey putting themselves at the mercy of the courts (aka mom & dad) who prayerfully desire to model their patience, grace, and discipline of their Heavenly Father. In the mean time, the child who is learning quickly knows to find a HIDING PLACE from the 'parental units'.

Though mistakes are made by the child and the parent, the LOVE and CARE provided gives the child the security and comfort to sleep well, live happy, and with a I CAN'T WAIT TO WAKE UP outlook on life.

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(1) Love God.. love others.. Mt. 22:37-39 (2) Trust God with all your heart.. Pr. 3:5-6
The Lord is my Shepherd.. Ps.23 (4) Dwell on what is true, honorable, and pure.. Phil 4:8


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