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One Body, Many Parts ( I Cor. 12:12-31)

Your Body is a Temple , not waste (or waist) dump. A diet of Spiritual Milk is a good place to start. Treats are good, but stay away from the Baptist Bakers Dozen DONUTS, and get plenty of excercize though joining a Sumo Evangelists movement to me would be extreme. The final word of perspective was shared to me by a Baptist preacher. Skinny Baptist Preacher is an oxymoron.

Hairline Faith
- Hair today and gone tomorrow. While I am not sure there is anything spiritual about hair or the lack of it.. BUT.. the Bible has plenty of verses covering the topic like a wooly mammoth.
(FOR MEN)-- We have bad Comb Overs, Bad Toupees, and those with unibrow+nose hairs+ear lobe sprouts leaving us look like an unkept lawn. We have scriptures directives for LONG HAIRED HIPPY FREAKS.. as well as the CHROME DOMED BELIEVER who both should abide by the Levitical Barbershop guidelines... and the festive God Rest Ye Hairy Gentlemen
(FOR DA LADIES)-- I find haircolor is just another area of thin ice where men are again left unsafe.

When talking about the church body, I think the eyes offer the most literal and figurative spiritual lessons than any other body part. In the Old Testament we have Isaac's Blind Blessing that went to Jacob.. BUT.. it could have been much worse if the family dog wandered in at that fateful moment. Then in the New Testament there is the healing of Blind Bartemaus resulted in his seeing eye dog feeling 'doggone' insecure.

My favorite Blind healing from the gospels was of the guy that then taunts the pharisees who did not like the fact that Jesus heals the Blind without a 'temple-union' card.

One last Bible Eye Ball scenario is recorded in the book of Acts where Saul is stopped by the first Damascus road traffic light (aka Jesus), and was blinded until his sight is restored from his scale covered retina condition.
Of course way beyond the Bible blindness, there are all the eyesight analogies through out the scriptures. Especially in the New Testament and particularly the Gospels.
- The Blind Leading the Blind tour guides inspired by the pious teachers in the church of Jesus day.
- How about when God feels distant... who's fault is that? Get your eyes tested using the WWJD Eye Chart, and don't become a spiritual Mr. McGoo, or another common condition is getting an I in your Eye. .. or becoming hyper Focused on Sin .. or maybe even coming down with Spiritual Tunnel Vision.
- Pluck out that Eye that causes you to sin.. unlesss.. you are behind the wheel, and
the pursuit of God without the guiding of His Holy Spirit is like a blind man doing a Rubiks Cube.. Is that it? Is that it? You will never really get it.

Beware of getting a spec OR BEAM in your eye.. and know the difference... If you don't know then ask the SPEC Patrol who will be so glad to help out... and finally I draw comfort from the eye sight truth that what I see dimly now as through my Dirty Bi-Focals I will someday see clearly.


If the church body is made up of many parts.. then I have noticed a few ZITS. Even in the Old Testament God provided Rules for Zit management.. and then it goes without saying

Don't pop

Ears and Hearing
He who has ears let him hear.. Be doers of the word and not hearers only... are both great truths for believers. Common sense stuff, but we all know as believers we are just like kids who hear, but are full of excuses often for not being doers.

Here in the BP most of my hearing analogies have to do with senior citizens and important words misunderstood.. Was it consecratedpeople or Constipated People? WHAT? Was it a Pleasant Smell, or SMELT? WHAT? .. and finally a Sermon Ear-Aid
toon with those seniors in mind.

- With everybody you have teeth.. Solomon offers the scriptures that recognizes the importance of Really nice CHOPPERS .. which I contrast here with Red Neck Teeth , and beautiful teeth in the works by the wonder of Orthodontia.

So in summary.. ONE BODY.. MANY PARTS..this is the Church of God. The hand and foot and every other part are needed and valued. May God find the church body working together for the success of the body as a whole and not find the body in turmoil of envy.

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(1) Love God.. love others.. Mt. 22:37-39 (2) Trust God with all your heart.. Pr. 3:5-6
The Lord is my Shepherd.. Ps.23 (4) Dwell on what is true, honorable, and pure.. Phil 4:8


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