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Welcome to the Back Pew collection of CAT CARTOONS... or as they like to be called.. the Anti-Dog. Rumor has it cats are blessed with 9 lives, but cursed with Hair Balls. They tempted by Cat Nip, afraid of water, and moody and jumpy like.. like a cat. So now that I have stated the obvious let's jump to the Back Pew Cat Collection

- Your basic.. Black Cat.. bad luck
- 9 Lives of your basic house cat explained 
- Cats explain the seriousness of.. Judgement
- Baptizing Cats.. is great fun for all
- It's because I'm BLACK
isn't it

- Noah's CATS?
- Mew -gag-hack- BEWARE!
- and they shall call his name MEWcifer
- cats don't play FETCH





- Lions, and Tigers, and.. more Lions.. they're still nothing more than big (very big) cats.


This page is a collection of cat cartoons shared from the Christian perspective

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