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deathandtaxesDeath and Taxes are inevitable in this life.. and so let me share a few toons that smirk at our contributions to Uncle Sam for those of us in America, AND I am sure no matter what country you live in.. they want their share too. Here in America April 15th is tax day, while death only comes once..  unless you are a cat. abrahamcountsstars firsttime
Preparing your Taxes..

A good place to start is to claim your DEPENDANTS, and all other deductions you can dream up...then off to the post office we head like lemmings heading over the cliff we mail our returns in hopes of a refund. 

In the end Uncle Sam will get his no matter if you have to look through the cushions in your couch or GO FISHING.. Sam will get what is coming to him and maybe a little bit more.


If you are lucky... he will leave you a little all while making sure you know HE IS WATCHING.

The important perspective regarding taxes can be found in the Gospels where Jesus teaches us unflinchingly.. give to Caesar (in ourcase UNCLE SAM) what is Caesar's, and more importantly give to our God what is due to Him.

Simply put Uncle Sam represents this significant piece in our lives of government (for good or bad ) providing us with structure and order (roll your eyes and insert your own joke here) for our American society..

caesar unclesamBUT MORE IMPORTANTLY our God is the source of true life and He provides us with His word (our Bible) for guidance, and Jesus Christ as our savior. Our God is not an indifferent deity, but rather our loving Heavenly Father. 

So.. while I thank God (sometimes thru clenched teeth) for this great country of opportunities I live in, I love my God for the 
bigger picture of family, friends, and faith that make life good.

gods taxreturn

Even when I pay taxes!

 Blessings.. Jeff (Taxed in the Back Pew) Larson


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