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title job2

 There is the children's story.. Alexander and his no good very bad day.  Well, long before this book was printed there was a man named Job who had a great life until he encountered his very own no good very bad day/month/longer..

It all started when God was boasting to Satan about a good man named Job.  Satan countered with easy to be good when you give him everything.  But allow me to take his wealth, health, and family and your so called good guy Job will curse you.

So let the games begin!

Satan visits God
1:9-11 Satan visits God... 

2 Satan visits God again.. 

A No good, very bad day

2:7 Job has sores 
2:7-8 Job scratches sores?? 

with friends like these, 
who needs enemies

2:11-13 Job with friends 
Job's friends and Jesus?

9:18 coughing up LUNGS

38ish - Job's friend Ted?

31:6 Honest Scales and Honest Weights

God speaks to Job

38:1 God speaks to Job from a storm! 
41:1 Leviathan Fishing


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