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I believe Halloween is that holiday of great IRONY

IMO.. Halloween should be a fun holiday that does not celebrate darkness. The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Trick or Treat, fairy tale versions of ghosts, witches, and the like do NOT threaten my faith... BUT.. I do believe darkness is a slippery shadowy slope.

We live in a society where we question the God of our Bible's but have a Beelzebub Buffet with regards to the dark supernatural on TV, and movies.

So let me present my smirking Halloween page where any dark force and dark stereotype evoporates when facing God's light. 

 Things that go BOO in the NIGHT!!
Neither Trick or Treat used as a postmodern evangelism technique, or Inappropriate Costumes donned in Heaven were well thought out ideas. BUT.. I find making Demons Tremble on Halloween, and Proverbs for monsters are the height of Halloween Irony. halloweencrowdhalloweeninheaven demonstremble

PUMPKINS.. can be found throughout the Back Pew in a couple creative manners.. There is the Pumpkin totem pole.. and the art of Carving Pumpkins
and the message of Pumpkin Renewal of Minds

pumpkingtotempole carvingpumpkins pumpkin minds

booo booosskeleton

We have..  Ghosts.. who go Boo! and with booo-boos!   our..

Skeletons.. Sing!   and a nice collection of ..Vampires.. The Count listens to the children of the LIGHT worship. While other VAMPIRES like Count Orthodontia who no longer have an (insert drum roll) overbite!  

I do apologize for including vampires in my Halloween collection as the book of Leviticus clearly FROWNS on those little bloodsuckers.


count orthodontia dracula leviticus for vampires


THE GRIM REAPER- Grimmy is rightfully glum and sullen as he wanders through life ironically as the infamous symbol of DEATH... and Grimmy is doing a booming businessgrimreaper mocked

While Mr. Reaper is the symbol of DEATH.. in the Back Pew we have the IRONY that death has no victory for those who are followers of God... in fact Death is MOCKED! So if death has no victory.. then the Grim Reaper becomes a helpless cartoon figure where there is HOPE for Grimmy, and with hope we find deep down he had a 'sensitive' caring side and was not such a bad guy afterall. nocountryfordeadmenHe now runs a little coffee shop, but be careful to annunciate with order a Mocha Decaf not DECAP! You see he still carries that sickle (old habits are hard to die.. insert pun here), and he even loves showtunes

And.. what kind Halloween would it be without ..Witches? Well, we got yer witches right here in The Back Pew. Don't be alarmed.. no evil, just the stereotypical big noses, pointy hats, and brooms. Boiling cauldrons of magic potions or maybe just.. squirrel and mouse stew.

We have Witch Wilma with Whiskers, and a Top Gun witches in flight of course on their brooms including the Night Rider, and even one witch flying with a Xgames flair.  and other broom hot-roders! .  Of course back on the ground what witch could be found with her black kit-r-kat 

witchflyingbroom witchwilma witch xgames

ZOMBIES?.. The Back Pew has gotz-yer Zombies, greenish in complexion, staggering worse than me before my morning coffee and advil. We have ZombieLIEVERS typifying our spiritual walking dead condition without Christ.

In BPZomieland there are those in all (DEAD) walks of life including Zombie pastors, young Zombies in Love, messages of wisdom for Zombies including a ZOMBIE altar call.. zombelievers  zombiesinlove zombiepastorblackcatspeaksoutWe do have a couple Black Cats.. hanging around that are not bad luck.. just cats with bad attitudes. But aren't all cats.A few other random BP Halloween folk weilding sharp things are..

freddykrueger pedicure

So there you have it.. Halloween in the Back Pew. There is no celebration of darkness or evil found here.. only the celebration of God's Light winning everytime over any form or figure or symbol of darkness.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN.. with all of God's Blessings!


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