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The words written in Ecclesiastes by King Solomon are to me some of the most relevant teachings in the Bible.  The older I get, the more I realize nothing is new, and nothing is satisying except the pursuit of God.

Wine, song, great trips, money, fame, a big house, great credit, and/or a Super Bowl ring all are hollow and temporary. None of these last except a relationship with our creator.


chasingthewindsmilemonChasing the Wind
2:16 The Foolish & Wise are the same
2:24 A Smile mon.. way of life
3:16 Nothing new under the SUN but to SWELTER
4:2 Zombie Wisdom?
4:4 Chasing your Tail foolishness
5:10 Money.. there is never enough!!
5:12 Money can't buy you SLEEP?
6:9 Chariots of FIBER?
minnesotasummerslittlebird8:15 Summertime in MINNESOTA
9:9 Enjoy your wife!!
9:11 Not the fastest runner
10:2 The foolish Mt. Climber
10:18 American Idle?
10:20 A little bird told me

12 - Over the Hill/Happy Birthday
to you!!



americanidol chasingyourtailzombiemtclimbing descent

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