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The Kingdom of God is like a... CAMPING TRIP?
Before I even get into the topic of CAMPING.. let me mention that Minnesota from time to time develops into a RAINY SEASON… and with the rain comes our much beloved MOSQUITO, Which we affectionately call our state bird. So when we do get an increase in rain, and the outside temps startwarming up.. THEY will be back! So let me start today’s email by sharing my two original mosquito toons.. that I will label BEFORE and AFTER.

Now those two toons should get you camping enthusiasts all juiced (bug juiced) over camping.

So without any further delay.. let’s go camping BACK PEW STYLE!!

First we have the drive from civilization to CAMP WILDERNESS. We arrive at dusk which is quickly moving toward pitch black night pitching a tent all while the local mosquito population greets you in song… FZZZZZZZZZZ… FZZZZZZZZZZZZ. .. and the traditional CAMP GROUND FEASTING begins!

FINALLY.. just like in the begining of the world.. there is LIGHT..
and this campground that was dark and void.. without form is visible. And it is GOOD. Of course man at a campground after a while will get himself into mischief which results in the CAMPGROUND Fall of Man. Fortunately life imitates art in this case, and just like my wife catches her son before he is really hurt as seen in this toon.. so is God there for us when we fall. Of course in the case of the camping toon.. mom never saw it coming. but no one was really hurt.

Now with this redemption from our fall.. THERE IS MUCH REJOICING.. and all the campers gather together to create the CAMPFIRE SACRIFICE.. which is a pleasing aroma to the Lord… and tastes good too. Unfortunately in my family.. when camping.. wet firewood, lack of kindling compromises my efforts to create a campfire.. BUT.. I can still send some nifty smoke signals.

Let's not forget an integral part of our camping experience.. The Family Dog. Pepper is our Schnoodle that is very much a part of our family as witnessed in the following toons and dialogue. Our good and faithful mutt travels with us when camping, and she LOVES CAMPING except for the part of being TIED UP, those pesky TICS, and the raccoons EATING HER food and HARRASING HER outside out camper wanting to have their way with her like Sodom & Gomorrah, and create little RA-SCHNOODLES!! WHAT A VILE AND DISGUSTING WILDERNESS we camp in!!

So the moral of this email is.. CAMPING IS LIKE LIFE…and so I leave you with the 23rd Psalm for Campers


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(1) Love God.. love others.. Mt. 22:37-39 (2) Trust God with all your heart.. Pr. 3:5-6
The Lord is my Shepherd.. Ps.23 (4) Dwell on what is true, honorable, and pure.. Phil 4:8


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