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Eagles, Vultures, Doves, Chickens, Owls and the underappreciated Ostrich?

There are plenty of birds and bird analogies mentioned in the scriptures, and a few other scriptures mentioning those I would classify as bird brains.

The Old Testament Birdies
Eagles: Isaiah writes .. those who wait upon the Lord will rise of up with Wings of Eagles. What better scripture could there be for successful bird and christian cartoons. All other wing concepts and eagle wing wanna-bes pale in comparison but must be drawn.

Ostriches: Are cruel birds lamenting about in the Old Testament.
Little Birds: Solomon shares little birds carry words, and so a big ol' talking bird is gonna be nothing but trouble.

Out on the Limb in Job the BP finds birds with Vertigo

New Testament Birdies

we have more birds....

Starting with Vinny the Vulture who watched from afar as Jesus was baptised. Vinny could only dream of descending like a Dove (FUI) flying under the influence of the Holy Spirit as Jesus was baptized.

Jesus taught us .. God loves Birds loved more than.. 'Hitchcock'

Paul wrote in a round about way .. Why does the Chicken crossed the road?

Birds in the Temple:
Were frowned on by Jesus


Contemporary Owls: of the BP sing their little bird hearts out with in the message of casting crowns tune/toon WHO am I? along with Duck Diversity in Minnesota

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