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1:8 Listen to your parents SPIDEY!!
1:22 FOOLS will be fools

3:5 Trust & EBAY
3:9-10 FIRST FRUITS for the Lord
3:9-10 Faithful in WORKS & WALLET
4:1 Listen to your FATHER!!
4:23 You are what you THINK
5:18-19 Your wife graceful as a deer?
5:24 Your kids, love em, punish em?
6:6 Ant watching...
6:9 LAZY person illustrated
7:10 The WOMAN of the INTERNET
7:10 Beware the woman in the SLINKY dress
9:7-8 MEDIA bias?
10:25 Storm blown or unflappable
11:22 Pigs n Jewelry
12:1 Discipline cartoon
12:4 A Bad wife = BONES ACHE!!
12:26 The WRONG SIDE of the road!!
14:17 Quick Tempered Sports Fans
15:1 Kind words and SOFTBALL
15:1 Kind words and BASKETBALL
15:17 Eat your Veggies!!
17:11 4-Eyed Officials
17:21 A foolish child..
17:12 Fools being Foolish
17:25 The Coaching Proverb
18:6 A fool starts fights
18:10 Strong Towers v Trailerhomes
18:22 A man who can do LAUNDRY
20:1 A man's heart is a Deep Water
21:9 NAGGING wives
22:1 A Good Name v. Good Looks
23:30-35 Too much DRINK?
24:9 Michael Moore?
24:23 Judges should not take sides
24:26 A KISS ON THE LIPS proverb
25:16 Too much honey!!
26:8 Sling Shot Bound
26:11 Dog vomit??
27:9 PERFUME.. lovely, and NOT!
27:15 The MAN is WRONG

29:1 You STIFF NECKED people
29:11 Correct and Punish your child!!

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(1) Love God.. love others.. Mt. 22:37-39 (2) Trust God with all your heart.. Pr. 3:5-6
The Lord is my Shepherd.. Ps.23 (4) Dwell on what is true, honorable, and pure.. Phil 4:8


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