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The bible book of Judges was a lawless time after the death of Joshua. The children of Israel had turned from God to worshiping Baal, and so God's protection and blessing fell from them. As an answer to these years of needed leadership God provided leaders called Judges.  The first Judge (3:10-11) I believe was the son in law of Caleb named Othniel.

The book of Judges is a book of wars, and graphic violence often reserved for movies like Braveheart.  From Othniel through Samson and more.. here are a few Braveheart like highlights.

  • We have defeated King Adoni-Bezek with his thumbs and big toes cut off. (1:5)
  • 'Big-boned' King Eglonkilled by left handed Judge#2 Ehud (3:15), and Eglon was not discovered until some time later as he servants that he was busy in the latrine. 
  • Judge Shamgar (3:31) was noted for killing 100 Philistines with a 'pointy stick'
  • Enemy King Sisera on the run from Israel's armies, then while hiding in the tent of Jael he feel asleep until he was killed by the ol tent stake (4:21) through the temples trick by Jael ( a woman ) while Deborah was Judge (chapter 5)over Israel. The great news of the defeat of Sisera, Deborah broke into song. A CSI report did concur the tent stake in Sisera's noggin was part of a REI camping set owned by Jael.
  • Judge Gideon (7:8) led Israel to defeat the great Midianite army using the great military tactic (that I am sure West Point teaches now) implementing a small platoon armed with .. 'jars and trumpets'.
  • After Gideon, Abimelech enters the scene. He is bad news and kills 70 half brothers of Gideon with one stone. (9:5) only Jotham escapes.
  • Abimelech is a bad man and battles Shechem, overtakes the city of Thebez, BUT inside there is a strong tower where a womand drops a large rock on Abimelech's head crushing it.  While near death he tells his soldier to kill him so it is not known a woman killed him.  With great irony this is recorded in the book of Judges (9:53-54)

A few extra Gideon notes/toons... 
7:12-15 Gideon's barley dream. ; 7:22 Midianites confused fight!! ; 8:18-21 Gideon and 2 Kings 
8:29 Gideon and the honey-do-lists




All the chapters in Judges up to now we read many significant stories in the history of Israel after the death of Joshua. Some good judges, and some not so good, but then along came Samson the long haired man with a weakness for the ladies.  The stories his exploits of Samson during his time as Judge over Israel were another glimpse of God caring for disobedient Israel providing them with Samson as their next judge.

13:6-21 Manoah, his wife, and the angel ; 14:1-3 Samson and dad ; 14:1-3 Samson again with dad ; 15:18-19 Samson is 'dying' of thirst ; 16 Samson.. unnatural strength questioned 

During his years as judge over Israel, Samson spent most of his time fighting the Philistines while entertaining a fair maiden or two in his spare time. His bigger than life exploits included..


These were just a few of his more notable exploits of power.  Unfortunately as I mentioned earlier Samson loved the ladies, and his own self importance while losing sight his power was from God.

Next enters Delilah who eventually tricks Samson into revealing the secret of his power (not cryptonite, but rather his uncut hair).  This led to the capture of Samson where his eyes were gouged out and he was put on display as a slave by his mocking Philistine captures.

16:5-21 Samson and Spinach?? ; 16:16-21 Samson buzzed ; 16: Samson & Delilah (newlywed game) ; 16ish Samson gets Tattoon'd ; 16: Samson at Cost Cutter's Salon 
16 Samson sings bad hair cut blues

Later as Samson's hair grew back, he prayed to God for this strength to return. Then empowered again by almighty God, Samson pushed down the two supporting pillars and collapsed the temple of the Philistine god Dagon killing everyone. (16:30) including himself.


 After the days of Samson there were more years of lawlessness watched over by a number of Judges with the repeated theme was there was no king and everyone did what was right in their own eyes.  I would sum up these years as blood & guts, rape, and other stories I would prefer not to cartoon.

In summary the end of the book of Judges 
Sounds alot like America... (21:25) A JUDGES state of mind


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