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The Song of Solomon.. is that book of the Bible written by King Solomon that is simply put,, unlike any other book of the Bible. Words of passion and love shared between lovers.. from the best selling author of Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes.

Of course if I were a pastor, theologian, or even a 1st year seminary student I may continue by doing an Exegeses of 'love book'.. BUT since instead I am the 'crayola currator ' here in the Back Pew and will share my own unique cartoon commentary on these eight Old Testament books located discretly after reading the thought provoking chapters of Ecclesiastes (also written by King Solomon) ..AND before the prophetic words of Isaiah.

So without further delay let me share with you cartoons images intended to capture the spirit and passion of.. Solomon!

1:2 KISS ME you fool!!, 1:2 MISTLETOE moment lost 1:3 Men wearing PERFUME??
1:9-11 Very Nice.. HUBBA! HUBBA! and 
SOS for Senior Citizen Love

kissmeonthemouth  mistletoedrumstick  senior love


 My lover is like a .. Young Stag? Nervous? Afraid of becoming someone's venison dinner?

Speaking frankly, all guys are different and notice beauty in different ways. We are not blind nor do we apologize for noticing a pretty girl.  

For some guys a nice figure is most important, for others a pretty smile, or a lovely voice.. or so many other attributes that make a man's heart go pitter pat.  

It is obvious in reading Song of Solomon that our author king celebrates beauty in this passionate book of poetry. As we start to read in Chapter 4, Solomon expresses he is a .. TOOTH MAN.  He liked his ladies (he had 700 wives, and 300 'interns') to have GOOD TEETH.. white teeth, straight teeth, orthodontist endorsed teeth. No food stuck along the gum lines. So ladies brush and floss and see your orthodontist if needed or you need not apply to be wife number 701.

4:2 NICE CHOPPERS!! , BRACES, and teeth like.. OLD LINOLEOM 

rednecksmile  braces  

 and oh THOSE EYES oh what you do to me with THOSE EYES! When you look at me that way.. oh baby!

4:9 Oh those EYES.. Rolled UPand/or those Loving Glances 

rolledeyes athubby  loving glances  catipillar eyes



palmtreeand finally..  
7:7-9 Absence makes the 'heart' grow fonder






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