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The book of Romans written by the apostle Paul includes so many memorable scripture truths providing us hope and perspective in this compromised world.  

So, from the pen of Paul paraphrased by the crayola of Jeff let me share my little attempts at clean humor while sharing God's truths. 

Paul shares the very POWER OF GOD.  
1:22 a scripture reference to infomercials? or is it talking about an 'important' Hollywood Cause which could put you at the risk of a brain implosion
2:16 warns us to stay in the light and out of the dark 
3:13 warns against BAD BREATH?
6:1 Should we sin that grace abound?

6:11 Dead to Sin, Alive to Christ? Who knew there was a scripture Zombies and George C Romero would have as a favorite.
6:23 Teaches the Wages of Sin.. and let's just say it is WAY BELOW minimum wage.
The Grim Reaper with a smirky attitude is the only one happy about this arrangement.


 wagesofsinisdeath nocountryfordeadmen zombelievers

nocondemnationRomans 8:1 reads there is NO CONDEMNATION for those who are in Christ Jesus, then in 
8:2 where we learn there is NOTHING that has ultimate victory over those who love Jesus. No pain, anxiety, struggle or even DEATH can have victory over believers.



8:19 Reminds us any suffering we experience in this life is NOTHING compared to the great glory waiting for us.

8:26-27 His spirit intercedes for us when we pray expressing our heart when we cannot find the words to say. Our lives are no longer limited by circumstance but we are empowered by and our circumstances influenced by the supernatural power of the one true God!

8:38-39 Rest assured God hear our prayers and cries whether we are on a mountain top, or in a deep valley of life. In cell phone speak.. God is 4 BARS all the time, any time, anywhere. Can you hear me now? Ya sure U-betcha!

10:14 and if it is not clear to everyone by now Paul would wants to be clear everyone knows.. JESUS SAVES. So let's not be shy about sharing this life changing truth.

supernaturalman  wanderingintothevalley  jesussaves

 11:34 Paul shouts the incomporable greatness of Almighty God.. even greater is his wisdom than (insert drum roll here) a TV shrink who knows Oprah!  Who knew??

 Next onward and foward to one of my favorite passages Romans 12:1-2 Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind to present yourselves as a living sacrifice, Holy and acceptable to God.

This is a great scripture directive from God to us, and also a wonderful scripture for a cartoonist.
1. This is NOT a passive process.. you must get involved
2. Great paraphrase for cheeseheads stuck in Minnesota
3. Great visuals of a literal RENEWING .. it's gotta hurt! 
4. Another way to look at it is SURRENDER of ourselves to God.


 renewalofmind  powerofcheese  todolist check

empty yourselfbedrest3
other visuals of 12:1-2.. could include..

1. Emptying a head full of junk,
2. the play dough press and form the 'spirit' set, and
3. a warning to those on bed rest NOT to become conformed to the living room couch. 

13:8 advises us all wisely to owe no one.  <pause> I guess the US Government never read that one.

Finally, 16:6 Paul concludes his this letter with a simple gesture of love for his brothers and sisters. Greet each other with a kiss. Of course some have been known to use this scripture ssoooooo out of context.  

holykissBut that is a topic for another day.










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