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couchtimewithgodCouch time with God!.. It was the best of times it was the worst of times.  A time to cry, a time to cry to God, a time to trust God, a time to run to God, and always a time to praise God.  He is the good shepherd, He is our rock, He is our fortress, He is our defender, He is our loving Heavenly Father.

David prayed to God, David Praised God, and to God only did he put his trust.  So should we trust and praise God this same way. When I read Psalms I often feel like David's Psalms are my thoughts, worries, and praises.

Think about it.. the creator of the this world is our Heavenly Father and cares about us beyond being His creation but rather as His children.  If that does not get a person into an attitude of Praise & Worship I don't know what will.

1:1- Listen to the WICKED? , 
5 - Not a MORNING PERSON  , 
5:8 Speak to me Oh God! , 
6 - Mercy on my checkbook ,
9  - Judge Not!
9:15-16  - Traps of Men
14:1 - A Fool says

18:17 Plumber Problems (leaks)--> 

22:6 NOT A WORM , 22:12 ENEMIES surround me like BULLS?

This is most likely the most famous of the Psalms and is quoted by those in and outside the church. The Lord is my shepherd.. I have everything I need.. He leads me.. He keeps me safe from enemies.. and I have nothing to fear... AND surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life.
Traveling Light , - Weather Alert , - For CAMPING 
travelinglight  hurricaneoflife  camppsalm23  
- Getting out of Bed , 
- A Peaceful Center , - Fast Pitch Fear-Nots

gettingoutofbedpeacefulcenter  fastpitch heat


25:4 warmer, warmer, COLDER 
25:19 Psalms for Quarterbacks , 
28 Psalmdaam Hussein
28:4 Judgement of Evil Men , 
28:7 Guilt Ridden & Neurotic , 
31 Baghdad Bunker 
31:9 Diaper Psalm , 
32 a NATION whose God is Lord , 
32:7 a child in TROUBLE , 
33:2 GAME SYSTEM worship? ,
33:12 American Flag at Half Mast ,

unclesam wwjd  hidingplace  unclesam flag
38 Psalm for the SICKIES , 38:5 The Sliver Psalm , 39:10 Psalm for BAD BOXERS ,
psalmsick  slivers  boxing chinshot
42:1-2 Deer Pants for Water, and Deer Pants ,  44:21 A Psalm for VOTERS?? 
deerpants4water  waterbuck  csi chads

46:10 Be Still... shhhhhh!! , 53:1 The fool says ... , 55:6 Wings of a DOVE
55:22 Give up my WORRIES , 69:1-2 HANDYMAN'S Psalm , 69:15 The LIFEGUARD Psalm 
72:6 REIGN in me, not RAIN on me?! , 72:20 Beware the DIP in the road
81:1-3 Worship (Joy, Joy, Joy) music , 88 a SAD Psalm , 91 Fear of a New Day 
92:4-6 Scenic Overlooks v. God's Glory , 95:2 TURKEY Thanksgiving Psalm 
98:6 Blow those SHEEP HORNS? 103:11 God's love a 'NATURAL HIGH' 

sheephorns  rainonme  godsloveishigh

103:12 Forgive.. PERIOD! , 103:12 East from the West  , 
112:10 The Wicked Grind Teeth , 118:11 Thy word HID.. in my HEAD?
118:11 Wishful Thinking 
forgive n forget  east from west  wicked grindteeth


.. so SMILE MON , but no goofy smile , and first COFFEE , least PERK UP
.. even if the night scares me

118:25 Prayer of the UNPREPARED 

coffee rejoicing  lordsaveme  smilemon

Light unto my feet , Light unto my feet ( 5 ft visibility ) 
119:11 Word HID in my heart not HEAD 119:19 This is NOT MY HOME 
119:108 CLENCHED TEETH praise? , 119:37 Psalm for TV watchers 
119:136 WHISTLES and God's Law , 127:1 Protecting our BORDERS
127:5 Psalm for Parents , 131:2 Comfort from life's bad dreams 
139:7-8 God is with me even at 6AM!! , 139:13 Formed in my Mother's Womb  
139:26 God KNOWS MY THOUGHTS , 141:3 Tongue Control 
145:8 A Psalm for DADS? , 145:8 God is Slow to ANGER
147:4 God the original ASTRONOMER 147:16 Snow like a wool blanket 
147:16 Doin' the SNOWMAN DANCE , 148:1 The SKYDIVER Psalm 
148 NATURE praises the Lord  , 150:5 Praise God with ringing alarm clocks

skydiver psalm  nature praisesthelord  astronomy



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