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charredElijah exits, Elisha enters along with a number of other stories to round out this fine book of the bible. 1:1-15 Elijah chars 102!! you think they would have learned their lesson sooner.

Later Gator!.. Hasta Lavista Baby!

elijah chariotsoffire2:11 Then up up and away in his beautiful chariot of fire... TO INFINITY AND BEYOND, Elijah was out with a flash without his cash.

Hasta Lavista Baby!!
Gone in 60 seconds!! 
To Infinity and Beyond!
Helloooo Heaven

The New Kid in Town.. Elisha!
So Elijah is promoted to Heaven.. NICE!.. and Elisha was now in charge, and .. BALD, but don't stare.  It was told in 2:23-24 a group of some smart alec elisha baldiekids who taunted old chrome dome Elisha who in turn cursed the boys who were then eaten by wild bears.

4 Black Gold, Texas Tea? 
4:8-17 Shunammite Woman 
4:38-41 Bad Stew Day!! 
5 Naaman dunked in Jordan7dunksnot6 
6:1-7 Axhead floats.. like rootbeer but heavier 

Goodbye Jezebel!!
9:30-37 Jezebel dies!! (HOORAY!!) 

Good King Jehu 
10:18-27 Baal Extravaganza & Ice Cream Social 

18:27 Potty Mouth 
19:35 187,000 are Terminated!!


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