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That Sam I am, that Sam I am.. I do like that Sam I am!! - SIV (Dr. Suess International Version)

The book of Samuel is an amazing book of Jewish history. From the prayers of Hannah, to the first King of Israel, then David v Goliath in the 'Thrilla in Palistinia', followed by the fall of King Saul and the rise of King David, and much more.

samuel and eliSamuel - here comes the Judge
Early in the book of 1st Samuel long before the battle of underdog shepherd boy against (the heavy favorite in Vegas) Goliath we find Hannah praying to God for a son. Her impassioned prayers in the temple are overheard by Eli the priest who suspects her of drinking (1:12-16). After this little misunderstanding is cleared up, Hannah has a son whom she names Samuel, and dedicates Samuel to serve in the temple.

Over the years Samuel continues to grow and live as part of the temple. One night he hears a voice, and so reports to Eli who says "I didn't call you." This repeats a number of times until Eli figures out what is going on and instructs Samuel the next time he is called, reply with the words.. "here is am Lord". In response to these words, God puts a call on his life.

eliisdeadA significant side story early in !st Samuel is the fact that Eli's two sons were a couple bad apples (2:11-17).  The served in the temple.. they served themselves to the best of the sacrifices brought to the temple and took advantage of the women. This angered God as you can imagine.

Next the nation of Israel is again in a big battle with the Philistines, but since God's blessing was far from the nation of Israel and they were defeated.  During this battle, the Ark of the Covenant is stolen and Eli's two sons are killed. When this news gets back to Eli, he falls over backwards and breaks his neck. At the time of his death the scriptures record that Eli was very old and very heavy.

dagonOf course while Israel was far from God during this time.. the Philistines were in a different area code regarding their non existent relationship with the one true God.  In fact, the Philistines worshipped Dagon the 'Fish God'.  LOL, worshipping a BIG FISH makes about as much sense as cheering for the Univerity of Minnesota Gophers.  Gophers?.. the thought of those little prarie rodents inspires as much fear in your enemies as worshiping 'Charlie Tuna'.  BUT I DIGRESS

arkbacktoisraelBack in Palistine with the Ark is causing nothing but probems. Tumors and sickness are the condition of those near the Ark. So the Philistines overnight ship the Ark back to the nation of Israel. One Indiana Jones like moment was when 70 men were killed on the spot by looking onto the Ark.  

Next Samuel leads Israel to victories and a return of Israel from foreign gods. At one point the Philistines attack but the Lord spoke with a mighty voice of thunder putting the Philistines into a state of confusion and Israel defeats them again.

In 1st Samuel 8, the nation of Israel cries out to Samuel for a king because
1. They wanted to be like the other nations, and
2. Samuel's sons were not good priests.

King Saul
So along comes Big n Tall Saul in 1st Samuel 9. Saul is chosen by God to be the king Israel desires, and in chapter 10 he is announted. And the spirit of God was powerfully on Saul who even began to prophesy chapter 11.

Chapter 12 Samuel says farewell to Israel as their judge and annoints God's chosen king Saul.  Saul was 30 years old at this time. Between this time and the time when David enters the scene, Saul continues to act rashly, and is disobedient to the commands of God and guidance of Samuel. A very primative army was detailed in chapter 13 where no one in Saul's army had a sword or a spear.. I guess it goes without saying.. they were fiesty.
sauls firstarmyThis height of Saul's disobedience is recoreded in chapter 15. Saul is commmanded to destroy the Ammalekite people completely including every man, woman, child, and all the livestock. But.. Saul modifies his obedience to God by exclude killing king Agag and keeping the best sheep and goats but destroying only those things he did not see value in.  When Samuel arrives, Saul welcomes him with open arms in celebration of HIS great victory, but Samuel asks if you were so obedient to God's commands then why do I hear the bleating of Amalekite sheep and goats.  Saul I imagined grinned sheepishly and did his best "MY BAD" declaration.

king agagSamuel exasperrated by Saul declares the Lord has now rejected you as king. Then just when King Agag thinks the worst is over, Samuel calls for Agag and tells him "As your sword has made women childless, so will your mother be childless among women.” and he cut Agag into pieces. 

In chapter 16, God tells Samuel to seek out the son of Jesse and annoint him as the next king (in waiting). Later in the same chapter the declining spiritual and emotional health of Saul is detailed. His bouts with depression and fear overwelm him now that he has fallen (by his choice) from the graces of God. Coincidentally, David is chosen to play the harp to soothe Saul's tormented soul.


goliath taleofthetapegoliath is scaryNext enters Goliath the champion of the Philistines in chapter 17. Goliath is a 9' tall lean mean killing machine whose mere presence has the armies of Israel shaking in their boots.. and some did more than 'shake' in them... and the Monty Python like battle cry.. RUN AWAY RUN AWAY was heard through out the land.

Goliath stands on the hillside taunting Israel and Saul.  And though Saul was a big man (head and shoulders above the rest) he was NOT 9' tall.  So he promised one of his daughters as the literal trophy wife for the man who would come forward and challenge this Philistine behemoth.  In response to such a grand reward the line of those who would take on Goliath was exactly ZERO people long.

Next enters David, who was sent to deliver tuna fish, and PB&J sandwiches, fritos and gatorade to his brothers by his father Jesse. Ok, maybe not exactly that menu, but he was sent and when overheard the 9' tall heathen blowhard taunting the one and only true God he was all in to taking down Big Bad Goliath. David as a shepherd killed lions, and bears OH MY defiending his sheep.. He was a BAAAAA-d man.

Saul thought to himself better you than me and sent him with his armor from the big & tall section.  David quickly shed his Tin Man suit and advanced on Goliath with 5 smooth stones, his sling, and Faith in the One True God.

goliath v david

The Thrilla in Palesinia...

goliath yeparockGoliath even taunts david calling him a dog.  Then as the LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE announcement is made over the hillside, the bell rings and both men leave their respective corners (er a hillsides) to do battle.  The battle is not long, in fact it is a FIRST ROUND KNOCKOUT as David plunks Goliath with one smooth stone square in his thick skull dropping him like a 9' tall bag of rocks. David then pulls Goliaths own sword from his sheath kills Golaith and cuts off his head and returns it to Saul.

Of course the rumor was the fix was in and all the sports betting lines were going crazy with csi palestinethis upset bigger than Rocky Balboa knocking out Apollo Creed.

Further investigations of the Crime Scene supported the details note above. Crime Scene smelled like sheep, Stone shaped indentation in Vics head matched stone near crime scene. Vics own sword was used to sever head of the big man... BUT it appears it was not suicide. DUH.. how does someone cut off their own head?

THE UNTOLD STORY of Goliath from the Phillistine perspective was Goliath was an unrealized sports career , or an even less known passion of Goliath to be a DANCER.

You would think all was great now in Israel as the giant was defeated, and the Philistines were on the run.  But the hit song on the radio was Saul has killed 1,000 but David has killed 10,000.  I am not sure if it was a tune you could toon or dance to, BUT it was NOT popular with Saul.  King Saul became so jealous that he spent most of thre remaining book of 1st Samuel trying to kill David. This hatred of David led to not 18:10-11ONE, but 19:10 TWO slip of the spear moments (as Saul liked to call them), and he even tried to make the same 20:24-43 POINT with his own son Jonathan. In retaliation 24:3-5 David alters Saul's robe

So as the first book of Samuel comes to a close 25:9-11 Nabul mocks David and 28 Saul sees witch of Endor and she brings back the ghost of Samuel to speak to Saul.  This close encounter of the DEAD kind informed Saul the Philistines would defeat Saul.  This comes true and Saul who is mortally wounded asks another soldier to kill him. Saul ends up falling on his own sword taking his own life ending the very sad reign of God's first king. Saul was chosen by God but with his free will never was truly obedient to God to the point of becomes this sad and bitter king who spent most of his energy attempting to kill David.



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